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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Time Is Now

This past week I was able to go on exchanges with the Etobicoke Sisters!  I went wish Sister Stoker to Etobicoke.  I had so much fun because I got to go on buses again AND the subway which is the TTC (Toronto Transit) I was SO happy!!  I miss being surrounded by people on the buses and the subway was a first, it was really fun!! We were able to teach Chester (one of their investigators) about the importance of prayer and scripture reading!!  It was such a great lesson and we set a game plan to help him accomplish it every day and to create this habit in his life. Sister Stoker is great!!  We had a really good conversation about spiritual insight of going through challenges and life. She really needed some uplifting and it was all accomplished as we talked about the Savior.

Seeing Sister Turley, who
I trained, at the MLC meeting was great!
We had a great MLC meeting where we gave three minute creative presentations on the Work of Salvation!! It was so funny to see two elders say, "Elders and Sisters... We have been taught by Elder Russell two ways of getting in the water: 1) tiptoe in or 2) cannon ball!  That is what we are here to do today!" They both pulled out swim caps, put them on, and created a contraption where the teaching pamphlets led to domino a ball like 'a cannon ball' into an old, missionary cooking pot. We were all laughing! 

After an incredible MLC,  Sister Jensen and I went to the temple to go with Karolina to do baptisms for the dead! It was such an incredible experience! She was able to take her great-grandmother's name and we could all feel the spirit. We are so grateful that she went with the ward this temple trip and she loved it too! Yesterday in church, Karolina got to bear her testimony in sacrament meeting for our 'missionary Sunday'.  Even though it was in Polish, you could feel the spirit so strongly!!  It was fun to see Karolina do so many incredible things this week and I know that Heavenly Father is so proud of the things she is doing in her life.

We taught Matt again last week! He read ALL three pamphlets we gave him! He loved the Restoration lesson and it all made sense to him. In the end he said a great prayer for his first time and said, "I don't think I'll make another appointment because I wanted to learn and just see." It took us by surprise because he loved everything, but I know that he won't forget what was shared and will always have the materials for when he is ready for the gospel in his life.

Friday we had zone council (where we take what we learned from the Missionary Leadership meeting, and bring it to the zone).  Sister Jensen and I were asked to instruct on Faith and Repentance as we talk about church, prayer, and reading, with our recent converts, investigators, and returning members.  It was an INCREDIBLE zone council! As we role played with an elder to show the missionaries what their role play will be like, when we got to talk about church with this 'investigator'--I don't remember exactly what I said--who was struggling with this problem, I asked a question to him and the elder began to tear up. After the role play he said that is exactly what their investigator needs right now and was a silent prayer for the elder. After writing on the chalk board the commitments, I turned around to listen to the different missionaries role playing and knew that I needed to do something else.  I looked over and in the corner I saw another portable chalk board and knew I needed to write on it. I don't know why or what I was going to put, but that I just received the biggest prompting to do that. This is what I drew on the chalkboard: 

"Now is the moment in the timetable of the Lord to carry the gospel farther than it has ever been carried before...  Let us take new courage..." -Spencer W. Kimball-

Underneath this quote, I put:
'The Work of Salvation in THE 
The time is NOW."

After everyone finished up role playing and we gave them their commitments, we turned around the chalkboard and bore testimony of the things that will be happening in the Canada Toronto Mission. Tears were shed and prayers were answered. What an incredible meeting it was!!

ESL was super fun this week! I got to teach these two, older Chinese men in the corner of class.  They are SO cute!! We went over the vocabulary and I got to help them pronounce the words. One is named Ji and the other is Jian-Hua. It was so exciting to see them both get excited of being able to pronounce English words. I just love Chinese people!! J 

A scripture I love that sums up the week is D&C 123: 13-14, 17

13 Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—

14 These should then be attended to with greatness.

17 Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

I just love being a missionary! When we are cheerful as we share the gospel, we truly radiate the light of Christ that we have. I am so grateful to see Heavenly Father's hand in everything we do.  I am so excited for everything to start for the mission tomorrow. People will be watching and I know President Tomas S. Monson and many others will be watching our mission as well.  The mission that Tomas S. Monson once used to be mission president for J I love it and can't wait for the week ahead of us! So exciting!

Until next time...

Sister Robb

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