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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Work Is Moving Forward

So transfer news!  I am staying in Mississauga for the next 6 weeks with Sister Jensen! 

This week was an incredible week! Yesterday was Labor Day and we got to go to Toronto with our zone!  We visited Chinatown and got to see the CN tower.  It was crazy busy!  Millions of people were at the beach watching an air show and there were so many people walking on the streets. It is great to see so much diversity. That's one of my favorite things about where I am serving is meeting people from everywhere in the world! I love Ontario!

Last week I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Arnold!  While growing up, we went to Davis High School with each other!  To be able to work side by side with a friend I grew up with and do missionary work was simply amazing! She came to Mississauga to work with me here.  We taught Brian and he loves the Plan of Salvation! We are now trying to work with his older sister so he can be baptized somedayJ  While going to and from appointments and being busy, we had a chance to talk to people on the way... It's incredible to see how the Lord prepares people in so many different ways! We are excited to meet with some of those individuals this week that we made appointments with.  I am so grateful I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Arnold last week. It was an exchange I will never forget!

Some other exciting news... On Saturday, we went to the temple!! There was a large mission temple
trip for those missionaries who served an hour away from the temple. While there, it was so incredible to prepare and be able to take some question I have had and really rely and listen to the spirit to seek greater knowledge and truth. I love the temple with all of my heart! I can testify that it truly is a house of God. I know this because I feel Heavenly Father's love for me and receive answers to my questions. It's an indescribable feeling... But it's a feeling that feels like home and I'll never forget it.  What a great way to start off this next transfer and kicking off the work of salvation! J

Here is some incredible progress with the people we are seeing:
-Karolina is doing great! She is working towards getting her patriarchal blessing and we are introducing personal progress and watching conference talks. We believe that she's finished the Book of Mormon now for the fourth time... But she doesn't want to tell us.   It's so great to see her progress and really how she just love the gospel!

-Sandra and Sheryl are progressing slowly but surely J Sister Arnold and I went over on exchanges to teach them about church, prayer, and read (spiritual CPR) and after reading a scripture in the Book of Mormon about why we go to church to fast and pray, Sheryl said, "So from that scripture, you do fasts in the church?" After she said that, the spirit clearly indicated that we needed to talk about fasting with her and it was the most spiritual lesson I've ever taught to them.  In the end, Sandra and Sheryl's eyes were filled with tears and as Sheryl closed our lesson with a prayer, she couldn't help but cry and express how grateful she is for the opportunity for her and her sister to fast for her mother who has gone blind (within the past couple weeks) and for their family, as single mothers. They fasted on Sunday for their first time!  I'm so excited to help them progress to baptism!  October 23rd is when Sheryl wants to be baptized.

-We found so many returning members last week! One of them being a man named Michael McDonald. We had called him a couple of weeks ago and on Sunday he called us and said he wanted to meet with us sometime soon and to have us help him with his conversion.  We met him yesterday and he is so awesome!  He first asked us, "Where at in the Book of Mormon does King Benjamin speak?  I remember I loved reading about him.  I really also want to come to church on Sunday! Can you help me with that as well?"  He was baptized in 1993 and just fell away from the church.  He has quit smoking for the past six months and told us he quit drinking five days ago.  He loved talking with us and I said to him, "Brother McDonald, Sister Jensen and I love helping people to progress in the gospel and receive the next ordinance for themselves.  We are just guides as you link arms with your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. You will one day be able to go to the temple and even receive the priesthood if you live the gospel faithfully..." After I said this he looked down, pondered it, and began to tell us more about him in depth. He is SO awesome and wants to make some changes in his life.  When we walked away, we couldn't stop smiling J

ESL is also going great!!  Ji (the cutest old Chinese man I taught) wants me to visit China someday J Some of our students wanted to take a picture with us on Saturday! They LOVE learning English and feeling the spirit.  I shared the Book of Mormon to them on Saturday by telling them a fun fact where I live while we were learning about different countries.  "A fun fact about the states is this book [I held up the Book of Mormon] this is something Sister Jensen and I share with everyone.  There is a record of people that lived here long ago before Christ was born and testified of him that lived in the Americas. They also recorded in here of when Christ visited them after his death and resurrection and even established his gospel. This record was buried in upstate New York and was uncovered and translated in the 1800's. {testimony of Book of Mormon}." That was fun.

The Pierce's (two returning members) we are working
with.  They are from Jamaica and so nice!!
Those are just some of the many highlights that happened this week.  I love serving and am excited to be here for another six weeks!

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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