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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Why's & Wishes

Even with the heat wave rolling in Ontario, our missionary work will keep going forth! We had a great week here in Mississauga and had some incredible experiences as well as fun too!

Some of our investigators are doing great! Here are some fun highlights of the week:
Carolina gave me a stuffed animal and tells me she loves
me in Polish every time I see her!

We were able to see Ed and he wanted a chapel tour! He asked some really great questions and loves the feeling that he had there. We hope he can come to church after he finishes helping his sister move in... Ed does want to come to church and have the restored gospel be part of his life! 

We had such an incredible lesson with the sisters--Sandra and Sheryl. They are just the funniest Jamaican sisters ever!  We had a great lesson of reading the Book of Mormon, since they have four kids and haven't had the chance to read. As we asked Sheryl where she is at in the Book of Mormon, she said, "Well... I'm at 2 Nephi 3..." Her sister Sandra said, "That's impossible! I haven't seen you with the Book of Mormon here and you work every day!" Sheryl then said, "Well... I have been taking the Book of Mormon with me to work and reading it on my breaks... I love reading it." AH!  We continued where she left off and it was a great read.  Just before we finished, I remember bearing my testimony and talked about how the Book of Mormon answers question and that they truly are the "other sheep" in which Christ talked about. Sheryl stopped me and said, "Wait, Sister Robb... How do you know that?"  I opened up to 3 Nephi 15 for her and she was just in awe.  We asked how she felt after reading that and she said, "I have always wondered that since I was little... None of the priests, teachers, or anyone was ever able to tell me that.  As I read the Book of Mormon I feel good and I know it's true." It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it again. They truly are the funniest Jamaicans that have the biggest hearts as they learn about the restored gospel.

Liz is doing great!  We went over and helped her pick beans from her garden! We followed up with her Book of Mormon reading since we last gave her the book and she amazed us by saying, "Well, I decided that I wanted to get to know the Book of Mormon more for myself.  I have been reading the italics below each chapter to get a feel of the teaching and what happens.  I'm on page 100 right now." We were so surprised!  Just by asking her, "How has your experience been from reading the Book of Mormon",  she felt that we had faith in her and believed in her and that motivated her to read more--in result she opened up to us and told us of her readings! 

I went on exchanges with Sister Chu! She is just the cutest Asian from Hong Kong.  We were able to work hard and to see little miracles throughout the day.  One of my favorite things about the exchange was getting to know her as she shared about the culture in Hong Kong and listening to her speak in Chinese and switching to Cantonese J The spirit helped me understand and strengthen my testimony that the gospel around the world is the same.  Heavenly Father truly does love us and I have come to love each of Heavenly Father's children that are from all over the world! 

Teaching about weather in ESL class
For ESL on Saturday, we talked about 'Hobbies & Sports' as our topic of class that day.  I got so excited to teach about it!  I grabbed a volleyball just before class started and told them we would do a fun activity today!  After we went over the vocabulary, we played a game where we got in a circle and when they caught the volleyball, they would make a sentence with a word we learned today.  They loved it!!  We had two new Asian students show up and it was such a fun class! I love ESL! 

Yesterday at church, I had the opportunity to play the hymns for sacrament meeting again this week and was sooo touched by the spirit as I played.  I love music.  It has touched my heart on my mission!   We were able to teach one of our recent converts who is really struggling right now in life.  He kept asking, "Why does this happen to me?  I wish that... Why..." We sat and listened to what he was saying. In the end, I got a revelation of a picture in my head of what he said.  I remember saying something along the lines of, "Mike... In this world, it is full of the two W's: the 'why's' and the 'wishes'.  As we journey on the road of life, walking beside Christ on the road, we come across a 'why' of a trial that we go through or a 'wish' that we have during a trial. When this happens, we step aside off of the path to take a time out and go sit in the shade and go through the trial. We are never alone when we do this. Christ comes along side us always.  He wraps his arm around us. It's not until He reaches out his hands and bids you to come back on the path with Him that you realize... When you look back... You understand the 'whys and wishes' of your trial... And become closer to Christ." 

I know that Christ is always with us. I know this because I have come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, more than I ever have in my life.  I love walking along the road of life here in Canada with Christ. It's something that I would never trade anything for.  A scripture I love that I found this week is 2 Timothy 2:3. It says, "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ."  No matter what you are going through, there is someone that is fighting along-side you and knows what you are going through. It's Jesus Christ.  Put on the armor of righteousness and fight the battle of today's world! Stand up for what you know to be true. Pray to Heavenly Father and he WILL give you strength to keep fighting and go through. I love the gospel and know it to be true!

Until next time...

Sister Robb

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