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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sharing the Gospel is Everyone's Work!

What a beautiful week it was! From a mind-blowing MLC, ESL, Heavenly Father bringing people to us... It was an incredible week!

The Weston Zone Missionaries
MLC was inspired. Everything has been refined and I know it's exactly what Heavenly Father wants done in this part of the vineyard. I have prayed about what President Clayton has shared with us and I know it's truly inspired. The Work of Salvation is HERE! In our weekly planning, we not only focus on people we are teaching, but recent converts and returning members as well! I love how sharing the gospel is everyone's work! The time is now to gather as many as you can and share the gospel with them. We know how much the gospel has improved the quality of our lives and the blessings we have received individually from it. I love sharing with the people I meet the specific blessings I have been able to see from specific principles of the gospel. No matter where you are, there is someone that is in need of your testimony, love, and light that you have. Reach out to those who may not know. Maybe your friend or neighbor who hasn't been to church in a long time or may be struggling. Reach out to family and loved ones who are looking for something, that something can be you. The Work of Salvation is for everyone! We all work together to help each other. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father--as brothers and sisters, let us love one another and reach out to one another. I really love helping everyone here in Canada! It has strengthened my testimony of how much Heavenly Father loves each of us.

Sister Stranges is a recent convert of six month and is trying to strengthen her testimony of tithing. We talked with her and just listened to what she had to say. In the end... I said, "Sister Stranges... We are here to help you. Let's link arms and help you get to the temple!" She had the biggest smile on her face and began to tear up. She committed to put her faith in Heavenly Father and pay her tithing at the beginning of next month, even though her situation will be really hard, I know that Heavenly Father will pour out blessings for her sacrifice and faith She is doing great!
Sister Jensen and I had an appointment with one of our investigators and it fell through. Just as we walked down his driveway, a car pulled up next door. We decided to go talk to them! We went over and talked to this cute young couple who moved in not too long ago. They said they weren't interested, so we asked who needs help or would be interested in the message we share and the man said, "Our neighbors look like they are struggling with some yard work, I think you two could try and see if they need help!" We smiled and said thank you and went to knock on their next door neighbor's door. A man opened up the door and was surprised to see us. His name is Pias and is from India! We began talking and he said, "Wait... You're Mormon's... Right?" We explained a bit of why people call us that and he said, "I've been to Utah and have seen your temple in Salt Lake City. Even though I couldn't go inside, it was beautiful." They asked if we wanted to come in... YES!

So we went in and began talking with their cute, adorable family! Pias, his wife (Sharron) with their two daughters we met (Manuala and Lanette). Pias then said, "What would you like to drink? We know you don't drink alcohol, coffee, or tea... Would you like some juice? Is that okay?" We said yes. We sat down and began talking about eternal families and temples! We will be going back this Tuesday to be helping them with yard work. They want to pay us and we said no, so I

said, "How about we pay you with a short lesson afterward?" They smiled and everyone laughed. We are so excited!

We have also been teaching Karolina (a young woman who is a recent convert of one month and is Polish) and she has decided she wants to go to the temple on September 5th! We had a great lesson on family history and temples! It has been a huge change in her way of progression and we are so excited to work with her towards the recent convert temple trip. She doesn't talk at all really, so going by the spirit has been great for her lessons. She is giving me hugs whenever she see's me now. I just love her!

We also met a former investigator named Ed. He is SO awesome!! He saw sisters in the past but stopped after two lessons. We called him up and was so excited to hear from us and wanted to meet with us. We met with him and he is so incredible! He told us some incredible stories of his faith that keep him firm in who he is today. About 10 years ago, Ed fell from 20 feet off of a construction site onto some cement steps below. He suffered many physical problems and it has taken him eight years to not have as much short term memory loss. He loved the Restoration and says that he truly does want to be baptized someday and just wants a new start to life. It was such a special lesson! He asked us for a chapel tour and we will be giving one to him tomorrow! He has never really been to church before and is a bit nervous, but is excited to make a change in his life!

Last incredible miracle,
After much fasting and prayer last Sunday, we saw an incredible miracle yesterday. A cute young women named Caryn sent us a text last week about church and where it was at! We told her we would love to give her a chapel tour before church starts and guess what... She came!! We gave her the tour and she loved church!!
Her family really aren’t church going people and we asked what drew her to go and she told us that her best friend passed away last week and she knew she needed to begin to come closer to God. She is SO cute!! Also, another girl randomly walked into the church building and she said a man on the bus last week invited her to come to church and she felt she should. That man on the bus was a member from the ward!! Neat right? Her name is Camilla and she is from Kazakhstan! She is so cute!! She loved church as well and is excited to meet with us this week.

Heavenly Father truly has blessed us in SO many incredible ways this past week. I hope each of you know that we do indeed make such a big difference in such a big world. There are people out there that need YOU. Whether they are those who we don't know, those who are struggling, or anyone inside or outside of the church. Become a beacon of Christ's light that you have to shine to those who need you.

Until next time... Sister Robb

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