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Mission Picture top blog

Monday, August 24, 2015

Standing Out

This week was the craziest and weirdest week! There are a couple of funny stories I'll share with you.  

First off...  
Returning members! highlights 

We are so excited to be working with a single mother--Sister Ford--in helping her get to the temple! We taught the Restoration and the spirit was so strong. I asked her kids how their experiences have been when they go to the temple and they have loved it! Sister Ford opened up and said that she has never gone inside the temple... She told us that she has a great-great grandfather who passed away years ago and wants to have his work done, but doesn't know how to do family history or where to even get started in going to the temple. She's always been too afraid to ask. We are so excited to be working with her and help her live the Law of Tithing to work towards the temple.  J 

Buying and delivering Caf Lib to Sister Phelan
Sister Phelan is progressing! It was the best week ever and she has completely opened up to us. After we talked about Joseph Smith again and him being led to the golden plates, she has the biggest desire to read the Book of Mormon now!! We sang 'Joseph Smith's First Prayer' and she loved it. She now wants to keep a journal for herself like the people in the Book of Mormon and guess what... We finally were able to pry her coffee from her in exchange of some Caf Lib (which is a natural coffee replacement and isn't bad for you!) She loved our journal ideas, the Caf Lib, and the spirit she felt this week…. SCORE!! She is doing so great!!  

Kenia is a less-active member that we stopped by on her birthday and surprised her with a miniature
Delivering a birthday cake to Kenia
cake and a card!! We sang to her and she just lost it and gave us a giant hug. She invited us in and we had a great conversation. She told us about her life and open up to us spiritually as well. She was even surprised at the stories she told us. She just needed to be reached out and shown love. She doesn't remember anything about the gospel and we are excited to help bring that back to her remembrance and have it become a way of life again! She was baptized in 1995 and moved right after and disappeared. Missionaries ran into her a couple of years ago and no one has done too much with her. She is so cute!! This week’s lesson to answer her questions: temples, God's love, and  how can I access that in my life?  It's going to be great!! 

Recent converts! highlights 

Karolina is awesome!! Long story short, we got news that our reservations--for Karolina to go to the temple for the recent convert trip--didn't work out and that she isn't able to go on September 5th. After much thought I said, "Wait... Didn't bishop mention weeks ago about a ward temple trip next week?" We called bishop and after everything... She got her first temple recommend yesterday!! When we sat down for sacrament meeting, she pulled it out of her bag and showed it to me. She had the biggest smile on her face and after putting it in her bag, she put her head on my shoulder for a minute and said, "Thank you." in English.  We'll be going this Wednesday and she'll be able to do her great-great grandmother's ordinance for her. AH!  I Cannot wait! 

Mike has been struggling lately and we prayed a lot for him last week. After much prayer and thought, we knew that he needed to connect with a person from the Book of Mormon to help him with his trials and struggles right now.  First came into both of our minds was Captain Moroni. We read Alma 43 with him and after the chapter ended with a cliff hanger, he said before we could invite him, "Tonight I'll read Alma 44 and see what happens to Moroni.  He's a pretty cool guy. I like him."  We couldn't stop smiling J  "You know Mike... I like Moroni too..."  

Our investigators! highlights 

Brian is so awesome! [Background]: Brian's parents both died while he and his siblings were growing up. Brian and his siblings are about 40-50 years old and they all live with each other. We shared with Brian the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson.  Our only problem is that he wants to be baptized!  BUT... His older sister won't let him.  It's so sad!  There is not much you can do with that. We will just continue to pray for him and for his sisters heart to be softened. 

Sandra and Sheryl are doing good! After out lesson last week, Sheryl pulled us aside and said, "Sisters... I came across a verse in the Book of Mormon that I don't quite agree with. I got kind of upset at work and knew that I needed to pray, after I prayed... I felt peace and told myself, 'I'm seeing the sisters and I know they will answer my question. Everything will be fine.' She told us her concern/question and we were able to resolve it with her! She still reads the Book of Mormon at work and is just so great! I love her so much!  She truly is a sincere seeker of truth.  She is beginning to recognize the spirit as well. J

New investigators from last week
-Mason and Camilla are both ESL students!! We are excited to not only teach and improve their English... But to teach them about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and improve their relationship with him. 

Here's a funny story: 
So... Sister Jensen and I were blitzing for ESL and taping posters on the cross walk corners. We were crossing the cross walk and I smiled and said hi to this young man walking by... He looked up surprised and smiled back and said hi.  He saw that we were putting up posters and pulled a tab and wanted to text us.  So he texted the Chinese sisters and said (in short) "there was a red head who said hi and wanted to ask her out"... AH!!!  So the sisters texted us his cell phone... We texted back and forth about our purpose and he said he actually wanted to learn more about Christ!! He drove himself to the church and we were able to teach him yesterday and He is awesome!!! Haha! [Background]: Matt doesn't have too much background on Christ, but asked some really good questions about him!  He wants to learn more about his teachings and apply them in his life.  As we were walking out, I had copied off a chart for a member of Christ's last week of his life and Matt said, "After your lesson today, I am going to get started on learning more about Christ, could I have that chart to start?" We said sure and he walked out of the church with all three pamphlets (Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ) and a chart of Christ's last week of his life. The Lord prepares people in interesting ways sometimes! Good thing I have red hair to stand out! J

Serving with your "heart, might, mind, and strength" (D&C 4:2) has really taken on a new meaning
this past week! I feel so privileged to be serving a mission here in Canada. The experiences, memories, and everything we do is centered on Jesus Christ. I love the people here and the knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel--that has been revealed to me--has not only strengthened my testimony... But has changed me forever J

Until next time... 

Sister Robb

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