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Mission Picture top blog

Monday, June 29, 2015

From the Court House to the Hospital!

From court house, hospital, companions, raining cats and dogs--I would say it was a great week!

‪First, here is Sister Coleman describing the court experience in her own words, she is hilarious. Enjoy!

‪"So I don't know if any of you recall, but when I was serving downtown Toronto I got parking tickets daily because you literally can't park anywhere downtown.  So anyways, one of them was unjust and the man who is over our cars in the mission office told me to file for a court date.... So I just did what he said to do and then I got a letter in the mail the other day telling me that I had to come to court..... I have never experienced court so we didn't really know what to do so we just thought we would show
In Toronto-24 lanes of traffic--no Kidding!!

up and see what happens..... After driving in Toronto traffic for a few hours and saying many prayers.... WE FINALLY ARRIVED!! We walked in and this most giant, muscular terrifying man of a security guard told us he needed to look through our bags. After seeing that the only weapons we were carrying were weapons of truth and light (aka:Book of Mormon, pamphlets, pass along cards) he let us go in. We walked into a tiny cute little court room full of people speaking every language BUT English and we just sat and waited until they had all stated their cases and pleaded guilty and what not... Everyone seemed to have a script well memorized and I had no idea what to say or do. Everyone would go up to the judge and bow... (it's very English ruled over here ha-ha). Anyways after he announced the full name of the church and asked me how I was associated with the organization I was so excited to declare that I was a missionary for them! A real Abinidi/Noah experience eh? But no it was actually really lame and he just said that I was free to go, no charge, no questions asked and then we went home and did missionary work J It was a good outcome.”

‪She is hilarious J I didn't know really what to do but just sit there. It was so weird! I am glad I had a chance to see busy Toronto and that I am assigned elsewhere! 

‪I want to share a really neat experience this week that just brings me so much joy as a missionary and fills me with purpose and love.

‪So there we were--Sister Coleman and I--after dinner we felt that we should drop by a referral’s home that we received last month that we have been unable to make contact with. After dropping by and they weren't home, we started to walk down the street next to where we were.  As we were passing by, in the far corner of this small dentistry parking lot, a lady got out of the car. I told Sister Coleman that we should go talk to her, so we did.  As we walked up to her, we began talking to her and she is just this cute lady in her 60's who is so hip and happy J We asked Donna what she was doing that night and she said she was visiting her 91 year old uncle who is in the hospital across the road. "Does he need some singing to uplift his spirits?" I asked.  She began to smile and just said, "You can come with me and visit Uncle Del, I am sure he would love more visitors." And so we did!  We began talking with this old man in his hospital bed and he told us some of the coolest stories of when he was in World War II, his 'banjo-ukulele', making moonshine in his basement, making miniature wooden boats, and his life. Yes, one of the coolest, red-neck, older man I have ever met.  We laughed and then he brought up stories of when they would jam out to music, him and Donna's brother, and she got teary eyed and then said how her brother passed away eight years ago, and just looked down.  It was so beautiful to testify and tell her that she will see her brother again someday and that death isn't the end. After we finished talking to Uncle Del, we were walking back to the parking lot with Donna and she said, "You know sisters, I just need to ask something... Is it true what you said in the hospital? That I will see my brother again someday?" We smiled and said yes. She just began to pour out her whole heart and told us how after he died, how she felt so guilty.  The poor lady... I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her she is okay.  Before we did that, we gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and read some stuff from inside with her and she was so touched. I told her, "Donna... I KNOW Sister Coleman and I were meant to meet you. Heavenly Father wants to help you in your life with what you are facing... It was not by accident and that you mean a lot to us."  I will never forget her.  She took the pamphlet, our number, and said that she has to finish renovations in her home and other things of stress in her life right now.  Before we left, she said, "You are right... Maybe God knew that I needed more in my life and I feel this might be it.  When the time is right... I will give this number a call and give everything up for what you have shared with me."  We departed by giving her a giant hug and she whispered in my ear 'thank you'.  I know that she will accept the gospel someday.

We had exchanges last week and I went with Sister Dayton in Oakville North! While planning, she asked if I would like to ride bikes and said YES!  We got on our bikes that morning and headed off to a potential investigators house.  Just before we were leaving their house, it began to rain, and it just came down.  The next 30 minutes, we were riding our bikes in a flash flood coming home!  People driving past us gave us the craziest looks J I couldn't help but put a big, giant smile on my face and wave to them. When we came back to the apartment soaking, I said to Sister Dayton, "When will we ever have a time in our life where we will be riding bikes in the rain like this while sharing the gospel?" We laughed and smiled about our exchange. It was so fun.

‪This past week, I have been thinking a lot lately about the Apostle Peter and his missionary work.  Before Peter saw the resurrected Savior, he had a lot of fear in his heart. When he stepped out of the boat on the Sea of Galilee and walked on the water towards the Savior, we see the beginnings of great courage and faith. "But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me." Later, only a few hours before Christ was taken prisoner, Peter said, "Although all shall be offended, yet will not I," After Christ prophesied that Peter would deny Him three times that very night, he proclaimed, "If I should die with thee, I will not deny thee in any wise." Peter was one of the closest friends of the Savior, but when the maid approached him and said, "Thou also wast with Jesus of Nazareth." Fear overtook him at that critical moment.  Mark goes on to describe the events that night of Peter--he later wept and agonized over that betrayal. With a broken heart, he pleaded with God for forgiveness. BUT, From the moment Peter saw the risen Christ, he was transformed. He was a different person. He became a true leader. No longer was he afraid. From that moment, he boldly testifies of Jesus Christ. Peter fearlessly spoke wherever he went! Any trace of the old, fearful Peter had by now disappeared (in what Dieter F. Uchtdorf would say), "...in the magnificent refiner's fire of that Easter morning." AH! I love Peter! Now you may ask, "What does this have to do with me?"  It is everything! It is the core of my calling!  When I wake up in the morning and put on my nametag, I declare to the world that I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just like Peter, I have taken upon myself the name of the Lord and the great responsibility to spread the happy and glorious news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It reminds me of the hymn...

‪"Fear not, I am with thee; oh, be not dismayed
‪For I am thy God and will still give thee aid.
‪I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,...
‪Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand." [How Firm a Foundation, hymn 85]

‪That is the Savior's calling out to each of us!  I am so grateful for the chance to serve. Truly... It is a refiner’s fire that cannot be described.  My goals are: [1] to dedicate work and will to Him [2] work hard and depend on the Lord [3] have faith, be obedient, and continue to fear no man! 

‪Until next time...
‪Sister Robb

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Relationship that is Priceless

What an incredible week! The weather is hot and I have learned so much this week!

At the beginning of last week, we had the idea of helping out a recent convert (Chrissy Pope) by doing some yard work!  A couple of weeks ago, Chrissy had three deaths happen all in one week--she lost her mother, her brother in law, and her best friend.  After talking and visiting her, Sister Coleman and I knew that we needed to do more for her... So we decided to do some yard work J

We bought some lilies, ground covers, and flowers, to fill her yard up with love and beauty! The lady who was selling the flowers asked why we were buying flowers and we told her and she began to tear up and said that no one really does that anymore and felt so honored that we would buy flowers from her to do this, so she gave us a huge discount. That was a neat opportunity to share the gospel in a new way and was a cute, small miracle.

We knocked on Chrissy's door that morning and she wasn't home, so we just went to work and spent a couple of hours that day taking out the forest of weeds that have been growing for two years.  After clearing out her strip on her driveway, we knew we needed to come back another day to plant and trim her plants.  The next day, we came at the same time in the morning and she wasn't home again... So we thought we would surprise her with the flowers! We planted flowers, trimmed her trees and bushes, and had the opportunity to do that with her 14 year old daughter (who we are teaching as well). It looked great! The best reward was a simple voicemail we got on our phone that night from Chrissy that said, "I wanted to thank you sisters, the yard looks so beautiful... Thank you for all that you do for me and my family...." [long pause with a crying sounds] hang up.  It was then and there at that moment that I just loved Chrissy even more. I am so grateful we had idea and opportunity to serve her and her family. 

At zone conference--MTC (very small) group
reunited after1 year
We had zone conference last week and it was incredible! We learned so much about family history work and how it joins families together in so many ways, connecting the dots while we teach, and having daily contact with the people we are working with-recent converts, less-actives/returning members, and investigators. It was an amazing zone conference in which I learned so much about my testimony as I taught, helping me become more refined and feeling the spirit of Elijah as we talked about family history. 

We had planned to have our investigator Bony come to the Pulsipher's to have a lesson. Long story short... It fell through and we ended up at the Pulsipher's without Bony.  We felt like we should go inside to talk with them.  As we sat down with them, we talked about the craziest and coolest things! It's hard to type and say, but I do know that everything that was said increased my faith in Jesus Christ and left me floating on the clouds.  I just wanted to shout from the apartment building at the world and tell them what I learned!  But, I knew that I needed to take my testimony in which I have gained, and share that energy, spirit, and love that I have as I talk with others. I absolutely love the Pulsipher’s!!

Here is a really neat story that happened!
The YSA (young single adult) elders gave us a referral from their investigator Sabrina, to have us stop by and see her mom.  They live in the same house and Sabrina loves us and wanted us to see if her mom would be taught by us. We stopped by yesterday evening and she is just the nicest person!  Her eight year old daughter wanted us to come in, but her mom said not today and that it is not her time right now in her life, but will come to church in the future.  Sigh... Someday.  We walked away having faith that she will accept the gospel someday! 

While we were in the area, we stopped by her neighbor and knocked on their door and a man answered named Jeffrey.  He was happy to see us and invited us back this week!  So we are excited about that!  Here's where it gets really neat! 

Sister Coleman and I were walking past the referral's house towards our car down the street, I just stopped dead in my tracks on the sidewalk. Sister Coleman stopped and turned around and said, "Where do we need to go Sister Robb?"  I pointed across the road from the house and said, "That way, to that house." So we walked about four houses down from where we were and just as we were about to walk up the driveway, I turned to the right and saw a man and a woman standing outside.  I said, "We should go talk to them!"  So we walked over and said, "Happy Father's Day!" He smiled and said thank you and how sweet that was for us to say that. We walked up and began talking with them both and come to find out, her family is mainly LDS and they all live in Utah! She had never seen sister missionaries and thought that was awesome! So she ran inside and brought out root beer and cookies for us. While she was inside, her husband told us to sit down and share a message with him.  So we did!

Jerry is awesome!  He grew up Dutch Reformed and is just missing the gospel in his life. He has a belief in Jesus Christ, but feels that he is not good enough right now in his life to go back not only to church, but to have Christ in his life again.  He described that it's just an empty feeling and finally looked at us and said, "Never mind... You probably think I'm crazy and don't know what I'm talking about..." Sister Coleman and I looked at each other, smiled, and said, "We're pretty sure we know what you mean Jerry." He knows a lot about the church (probably not correct information, especially about 'John Smith'--yes, clearly not the right information haha). We began talking about the Atonement and finally he said, "Give me that pamphlet, I'll read it tonight and see what I think."  We gave it to him and he agreed to see us later this week! We walked away and Sister Coleman and I had the biggest grins on our faces.  We love this man! 

I am so grateful I had the holyghost to stop me dead in my tracks and prompt us to go down the street.  It is these kind of experiences I'll never forget.  The holy ghost is always there as we seek the spirit and rely on Heavenly Father to be lead.  Miracles happen!

After speaking yesterday in sacrament meeting on Father's Day, I knew that what was said is true. I wanted to share a small part of my talk with you:

Missionary apartments are the best for finding old Ensigns to read and look at.  One day, I found the 1999 April General Conference and found a talk by Jeffery R. Holland called, 'The Hands of the Fathers' and it caught my eye. After reading this talk, I have gained an even larger appreciation of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and feel an immense love for both of them.  I wanted to share part of his talk with you:

     "I cannot comprehend the burden it must have been for God in His heaven to witness the deep suffering and Crucifixion of His Beloved Son in such a manner. His every impulse and instinct must have been to stop it, to send angels to intervene—but He did not intervene. He endured what He saw because it was the only way that a saving, vicarious payment could be made for the sins of all His other children from Adam and Eve to the end of the world. I am eternally grateful for a perfect Father and His perfect Son, neither of whom shrank from the bitter cup nor forsook the rest of us who are imperfect...
     Even as He [Jesus Christ] moved toward the Crucifixion, He restrained His Apostles who would have intervened by saying, “The cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?” When that unspeakable ordeal was finished, He uttered what must have been the most peaceful and deserved words of His mortal ministry. At the end of His agony, He whispered, “It is finished: … Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”  Finally it was over. Finally He could go home.
     ...I have wondered what that reunion must have been like: the Father that loved this Son so much, the Son that honored and revered His Father in every word and deed. For two who were one as these two were one, what must that embrace have been like? What must that divine companionship be yet? We can only wonder and admire. And we can... yearn to live worthily of some portion of that relationship ourselves."

As you learn more about your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ... You will develop a relationship that is priceless. Seek to do all you can to develop this relationship!  I love being a missionary. I wouldn't trade anything for it in the world.

Until next time...
Sister Robb

Friday, June 19, 2015

Serving Others Is The Best!!

Transfer news: I will be staying with Sister Coleman here in Hamilton! I am so glad that I am staying and that we will continue to see miracles with the ward and the area. I love Sister Coleman so much and I am so excited to be with her for the next six weeks and to work in unity with the spirit to find those who are prepared for the gospel at this time, to help those who are lost come back and to bring the spirit in their life again, and to help the members feel the missionary spirit in their life!

After meeting "Whiskers" I found out I am allergic to cats!
We had a fun lunch with an older Polish lady who is just the cutest! She made sausage, hash browns, eggs, and toast. We set up a picnic outside under her canopy and booom.... Five minutes later a thunderstorm rolled in with black skies and it began to downpour. It was the best picnic rainstorm ever! We were just laughing and laughing and enjoyed sitting under the canopy while eating toast with homemade berry jam.  I am so thankful for ALL of God’s children! 

So our investigators are doing well! We taught Santi and Bony the Plan of Salvation and it was really neat! Bony understood everything and is so excited to meet again and Santi, well it kind of stuck and he kept asking, "But Sisters! What if they never have the chance to ever hear about the gospel? Will they be doomed?" "No Santi... Let's go over this again. Death isn't the end... In the spirit world...." Yes. We think that he got it after repeating the Plan of Salvation three times with him. Bony is awesome! That was the first lesson that Bony heard and he is so excited to see us tomorrow! They are doing awesome! Filipino's are just the cutest!

This week we did TONS of gardening!
For a total of 8 hours last week! I absolutely love gardening, it brings me a lot of peace just to be out in nature but more so, helping people. That's one thing that I have gained happiness in life, and really means a lot to me now. One of the people we gardened for was Lauraine [our investigator who is 73]. We met her a couple of weeks ago while helping older people do water coloring. J So while we were gardening, she asked us what we believe and we began talking about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and prophets. At the end of gardening she said, "Let's go out to lunch! Treats on me!" So we walked down the road and got pizza. While there, I pulled out the Restoration pamphlet (which I had a feeling to bring thankfully) and taught her! She said she will read the pamphlet the next day and that she's interested in learning more! She is a fireball and just hilarious. I sure love doing service for people [recent converts, investigators, members... you name it!] Canadians are just the best!

We went on exchanges again with the Oakville South Sisters before the transfer was over. Heavenly Father wanted Sister Coleman to go with Sister Sudweeks in her area, so Sister Barton came with me here in Hamilton! After we said a prayer just before we left, I looked at Sister Barton and said, "This is going to be a miracle day!" Sure enough... 30 minutes later we found Jessica! She was on the street getting out of her truck and we stopped and talked with her. She is 19 years old and has a 2 year old and lives with her boyfriend. We asked her, "You are just so happy Jessica, do you have a belief in God?" She said yes and began to tell us of a near death experience she had and that she knew that God was real. I looked at her and said, "There is a purpose that you are here Jessica, have you ever wondered what the purpose of life is?" She said yes and asked us if we had answers to that. Now, just picture two sister missionaries grinning from ear to ear and having the chance to share with her the purpose of life in the Plan of Salvation. We gave her the pamphlet and she said she will read it and invited us to come back next week! She is so cute and so redneck J Yes, one of the very few Canadians that wears camouflage! 

We taught Ricardo also on exchanges about the Word of Wisdom! He is awesome, but we came across a block in the road. He showed us his Pepsi that he was drinking and it had a 'kosher' symbol from Rabi's that approve that product or food (meaning there was alcohol). Sigh, it's hard to explain. I just bore my testimony to him saying, "Ricardo... I know that God gave the Word of Wisdom to Joseph Smith and that it is from God. If you know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, you'll know that everything else is true." We bore our testimonies a bit more and he asked us for a copy of D&C 89... We didn't argue. So we hope and pray it will be resolved! 

With it being Father's Day this upcoming Sunday, I am grateful for dad's all around the world. Most of all, I am so grateful for my dad! Dad: Thank you so much for your humility, patience, handwork, and love for the gospel. You truly are a disciple of Christ and have always been there for me in my life. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Also, Let us give to our Father in Heaven for everything that he has given us! How blessed we are to not only celebrate our earthly fathers but our heavenly one as well. The gift of faith is priceless! I have learned that we reach our true potential when the spirit is with us J I am so grateful for the promptings of the spirit and have learned just to ACT on them! DO IT! There are no regrets in just following your heart and the spirit. The blessings are countless... 
Until next time... 
Sister Robb

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Spirit Speaks, I Listen...

BUSIEST WEEK EVER! I am so spiritually, physically, and mentally drained... But it was a week filled with much happiness! So you can say that Sister Coleman and I make a great pair J 

TUESDAY: While on exchanges, we stopped by a lady who is a friend of a member to see her and she is AWESOME! Her name is Amanda. The first thing she said when she sat down was, "Can you tell me more about the Book of Mormon?" We smiled and said we would love to. We pulled out the Restoration pamphlet to give her and she said, "Wait! I've gotten pamphlets like this before while I worked at a gas station. A lady would come in each week and give me something new each week and I remember reading this one!" WHAT! We taught the Restoration and before we even get into Joseph Smith, she said, "Wait... The pattern of prophets make sense... Why isn't there one today? Wait... IS THERE ONE?!" She began to just get so excited! We laughed and laughed! By the end of the lesson, she wanted to go on lds.org and read all about Tomas S. Monson. We are going back again this week and we are so excited! She is so much fun! 

Later, a member called us to come help with a service project, to help elderly people do water colors. We went and I sat with this lady who saw my name tag and said, "So... Tell me about your church!" As she water colored, we talked and talked.  The sisters (while I was away on an exchange) went and helped her garden and she asked even more questions!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to do service projects like that and to share the gospel J How neat! She is just hilarious too and kept saying, "No way, you've got to be kidding me... reeeally?!" I couldn't help but laugh and laugh.

WEDNESDAY: We had MLC and we learned so much! We learned that the church headquarters get together once or twice a year and talk about 'Prophetic Priorities' that need to be discussed and take an action plan for the entire world. This year, the ONLY prophetic priority is 'The Sabbath Day Observance and Attendance'. We learned so much about the Sabbath day and what we need to do for members, non-members, less-actives, and our investigators to help them do this.  Since being on my mission, I now realize 'fully' the importance of the Sabbath day... It has really changed my whole perspective of Sundays and has really increased my faith in Jesus Christ and I am more spiritually prepared and filled throughout my entire week.

THURSDAY: We had a zone council and Sister Coleman and I had the opportunity to be able to teach the missionaries in our zone what we learned about the 'Sabbath Day-Prophetic Priority'.  It was incredible to feel and see the spirit grow in the room! Missionaries stood up after we asked them what they learned and they were all excited to help others see the same thing. They bore powerful testimonies in the end and it strengthened my testimony that the prophet and apostles truly do know what the world needs today. I am just so grateful to be an instrument to help others to see this happen and bring it into their own lives. What was special at this zone council was that the ward mission leaders and the ward missionaries came in the stake and it was packed! I feel like missionary work and the wards are beginning to connect in a way that hasn't in the past.  It's so exciting!

FRIDAY: I was able to go on exchanges with cute, little Simcoe again with Sister Urie!  She is absolutely incredible. We had a killer day! We were so blessed to be able to find 5 new investigators! One of whom was a lady named Carol. We were driving in the car and I pulled out their former investigators and found a part-member family who the husband is less-active and wife is not a member. We both felt we should stop by and I am so grateful we did! We talked with her and learned that her husband just had a stroke not too long ago and has been struggling a bit. He was asleep when we first arrived so we had the opportunity to talk to Carol. Afterward, we sang to her and she said the closing prayer. She grabbed our hands and said, "Dear God, we have been wondering where the Mormons have been since my husband is sick and they are here now. Thank you for sending them to us." It was such an incredible experience! The exchange was full of miracles, laughs, and uplifting experiences through teaching. 

SATURDAY: We went to the temple with Tammy Blake! She is a recent convert and we were able to attend the (recent convert) temple trip! AH!  It was sooo incredible! It was her first time seeing the temple! When we got in the temple, in the waiting room was MAVIS!!! (The Jamaican lady when I served in Ajax that got baptized while I was there that I was so blessed to find... crazy story). She was there! I looked at her and gave her a giant hug and she began to cry.  We just hugged. She looked at me and said, "I thank YOU... Without you... I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be baptized. I wouldn't be able to help my mother and sister enter the waters of baptism either. Thank you!!" And gave me another giant hug. As we sat there watching all of the recent converts do baptisms for the dead, I began to tear up and felt the spirit so strong. We were not alone in watching them be baptized, many more were there in spirit, I felt it so strong!  I love being a missionary.  It is experiences like these that I would never trade for anything in the world. Tammy was able to be baptized for her mom and sister that died not too long ago! When we were driving home, Tammy wasn't saying very much and I asked her if she was tired, she said, "No I'm just happy, I'm very comforted." She then put her head on Sister Coleman's shoulder. What a beautiful day it was!

We visited a missionary couple later on that evening who I love to death! The Pulsipher's are truly a celestial couple and I love them both so much. The spirit in their home is like a wall that hits you and I have had so many answers to my prayers received there.  After we had dinner with them, we practiced with the elders the song we are singing in sacrament meeting. Later, while going down in the elevator with Sister Coleman, we called our next appointment and she was super sick and canceled.  So when we reached the 1st floor in the elevator, just before we were walking out to do our backup plan, I grabbed Sister Coleman's arm and said, "We should go back up to see the Pulsipher's." We went back up to the top and when the elevator doors opened the elders were standing there.  They were as confused as Sister Coleman was... I told them that we should go back. We went back and lightly tapped on the door and walked in (like we always do) and found Sister Pulsipher crying.  We sat down and it couldn't have been more perfect timed.  She asked us why we came back and they all looked at me and I said, "I don't know why exactly... But I do know that the spirit told me to return to Sister Pulsipher. The spirit is telling me right now that we need to be here." She paused and looked at her husband and then we had the most incredible experiences happen to us. The elders gave her a priesthood blessing.  Before we left, we sang "How Great Thou Art"... You could hear a pin drop in the room. I will never forget experiences like this, where I just don't think twice about the spirit and I act on it. EVERY TIME it’s a miracle!  It's all the spirit! I don't know what I would do without it and the guidance I receive!

I could go on and on, but my time is up! Overall... A spirit filled-exhausting week.  I love it!  I am so grateful for Sister Coleman as well, she is seriously my eternal best friend.  This week is going to be a killer week!  We can feel it. 

Until next time...

Sister Robb

Monday, June 1, 2015

Everything Happens for a Reason

First things first, we got our car fixed! Yippie! In doing so, we met an awesome man named Tom. He has relatives that are 'Mormon' and really opened up to us and even shared a near death experience that he hasn't shared with anyone and asked us a couple of questions.  In the end we asked him if we
took a picture of all of the Hamilton Missionaries if he would put it on his 'picture hall of fame display' on the shop's wall... He said YES! He told us to stop by and visit him more often so we are really excited to be able to speak more often with him. Fun little story, without the flat tire, we wouldn't have met Tom. Everything happens for a reason, even Sister Robb getting a flat tire!

Last week, there was a man who accidentally called us (who was a former investigator in our phone) and we set a time to see him! We met with him, taught him two lessons and gave him a chapel tour. His name is Ricardo and he is doing really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon, is so faithful and said he wanted be baptized someday. Another mishap, turned into a miracle!

What I love about serving in the Toronto Mission is the diversity! Last week I had the opportunity to witness a baptism in French for a man in the ward that the elders had taught! It was soo spiritual. It's so incredible to meet so many of Heavenly Father's children that come from all corners of the world!

[X] Chinese Baptism
[X] French Baptism

I was able to go on exchanges this week! I had the opportunity to go to Oakville South with Sister Barton! When I got there she said, "We are going to be walking the entire exchange, I hope that's okay.” They had run out of their miles for the month and couldn’t drive anywhere. I knew that this 
was going to be an awesome exchange. The area was beautiful, there were boats everywhere and huge mansions. It was by far the nicest place that I have been to on my mission. We met so many awesome people for them to teach! Here is a funny story:

After walking for about 4 hours, we saw dark clouds coming our way and I said, "I believe a storm is coming!" Sure enough... 10 minutes later and it was a flash flood! We couldn't stop laughing and laughing, what else can you do when you are without transportation or an umbrella? We still had about another hour or two to walk to our apartment! As people drove past, we waved to them and we got some of the craziest looks. At one point when I turned around, a truck drove in a very large puddle and splashed a huge tidal wave on us. I turned around to Sister Barton and gave her the biggest smile--we couldn't stop laughing. Missions are the best! What 20 year old girl is happy walking in the pouring rain for 2 hours, sharing a beautiful message of the restored gospel! I LOVE being a missionary!

I learn SO MUCH from my personal studies!! Today I was reading the study materials in preparation for our MLC (missionary leadership meeting) this week! This month's training rotation is 'teach people, not lessons' theme from PMG, scriptures, talks, and so forth. A Jehovah's Witness asked me the other day what 'God's official name is' so I did some studies on that, I have been studying Christlike Attribute in PMG and really refining myself, I have learned how different people gain knowledge throughout the scriptures (for example, Nephi gained knowledge in
dreams! SO COOL!) I was drawn back to my patriarchal blessing and in it, it says that I have 'the spiritual gift of knowledge' (which we know can mean multiple things if we read in D&C and 1Cor. about spiritual gifts that we are given) I felt prompted to really find out what MY blessing of knowledge can do to help others that I come in contact with, how I can refine it, and use it as much as possible! So that's been cool!

Overall, our investigators are doing so good! We are always super busy and the ward is giving us referrals now and many miracles are happening. As I continue to pray to Heavenly Father and pour my heart out to him, blessings are literally pouring in.

I love my companion Sister Coleman!
This week is going to be crazy! We have a missionary leadership meeting, we are going to the temple with two recent converts to do baptisms for the dead (AH!). We have another exchange and will be working like crazy with the referrals in which we've gotten! I love it here so much! 

Until next time...

Enjoying a hike on P Day
Sister Robb