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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mississauga....An Incredible Place!

I have so many incredible stories to tell and hope I can be able to fit everything in today! 

Marilyn Monroe Twin Building Apartments
Mississauga is such an incredible place. It is one of the most diverse places I have yet served! I have talked to soo many Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Italian, Polish, African, and Spanish people! I am serving in the GTA (greater Toronto area) where Mississauga is a giant city that's full of so much diversity. I get the chance to be over a companionship of Chinese sisters... So we'll be going on exchanges next week and everything will be in Chinese. That will be so much fun!! I am with Sister Jensen and she is just the cutest, most perfect girl ever!  She is from Alberta, Canada (another companion from Alberta, yea!).  The work has been going great here in Mississauga. 

‪My first day in Mississauga was so much fun even with a boiling 104 degrees!  That night I had the opportunity to teach an ESL (English Second Language) class for free and 20 people from different places around the world showed up. I LOVED TEACHING ENGLISH! It was so much fun! We teach ESL every Tuesday and Saturday for an hour and a half and the people love it! Teaching brings me so much happiness and to be able to see the joy on their faces when they can say a new word they didn't know, Wow!  We teach a topic where we define about 10 new words and then put them into a sentence.  At the end, we have the opportunity to share with them the gospel and invite them to church. I had no idea that I would do this and it is the BEST thing. J 

‪On Sunday, I was fasting for our area and praying that we would find people for this transfer. On a side note, sacrament meeting was so neat! It was fast and testimony meeting and we had testimonies shared in different languages today. Even thought I didn't know what they were saying, the spirit was so strong! The Chinese pianist for sacrament meeting will be gone for the next two weeks and picked me to play the piano! So mom, piano lessons are paying off! Anyways... Back to my story!

‪While I was sitting there in sacrament meeting, the last 15 minutes, I saw a cute, young lady come in and sit in the corner on a bench. After the prayer was over, I told Sister Jensen we should go talk to her. Her name is Adi and she is SO cute! I would say she is in her mid/late 20's and is a bit Indian. As we began talking with her and walking her to Gospel Principles class that we were teaching that day, I asked her what brought her to church today. She said, "My parents just got baptized about six months ago in this church in New Jersey and I was talking with them and they said I should go to church sometime in Mississauga. So I came to see today." I couldn't stop smiling!  She is just so incredible and she felt the spirit so strong as Sister Jensen and I were teaching about the sacrament in Gospel Principles. 

‪Later on that day, we felt like we should stop by Brian’s, a former investigators home, and he let us right in when he saw us!  He loved us and loved talking about his relationship with God and his beliefs. We told him that we have sports every Saturday night at the church and he got so excited! We are excited to introduce him to some members in the ward and have them really fellowship him and help him learn more about the gospel J

‪Later on that night, we got a text from a kijiji, a referral from a lady named Liz, and asked us to see her that night for service that was advertised.  Sister Jensen had no idea that there was a kijiji referral with our number on there, so we met Liz and began talking with her. She broke down and cried after we started talking, telling us of how she is taking care of her parents who are getting old and are in denial that they can't do things. Her car broke down. Her kids don't talk to her anymore. She is struggling with her job. I just felt for this woman as she talked to us, even though I didn't know her, I just loved her! We talked to her and we will be helping her this week for some service and she loves the scriptures we text her everyday J So on Sunday, we found three new investigators!  It was an incredible day!

‪Last really neat story is about a man named Anthony. We were walking down the street after having no luck with finding a lady we were looking for and no one wanted to talk to us. Just before we got to our car, I saw this cute, old Indian man sitting on his porch. We went and began talking with him about his neat-medical-curing plants he has and he loves his Jasmine plants. We told him our purpose and he told us that he see's the Jehovah's Witnesses every Wednesday and Saturday and they are nice people. Anthony's wife opened up the door and Sister Jensen began talking with her while I continued with Anthony. He began asking questions of the soul... It was really neat to see him open up a bit, like he was asking for help of some sort. I pulled out the Restoration pamphlet and talked about how we have a living prophet and apostles, how families can be together forever though the restored priesthood power, and how I came to know this was true. As I began bearing my testimony, Anthony began to cry! He was sitting there with the biggest tears in his eyes and after I finished, he pulled out a tissue to wipe his eyes. We are going back on Thursday to give him and his wife, Tamil a Book of Mormon J Just before I walked away and said, "Anthony, I know what you're feeling right now is the spirit..." We shook hands and he put both of his hands into mine and began to cry when we waved to him when we walked down the driveway.  What a great experience! 

‪I remember getting into the car and I teared up as well.  I am so grateful to be a missionary. I love it with all of my heart. I was thinking about this the other day and I was thinking... Even though I haven't seen the fruits of my labors as much on my mission... I can still do things like this back at home. I cannot wait to be a missionary and share the gospel after I finish with my service here in Canada. I really feel that the age change to serve missions was inspired and that there will be so many younger people who are returned missionaries and the work of salvation will begin to spread like wildfire across the world. The member referrals will sky rocket and everyone's friends and family will begin to have the restored gospel in their lives. I love Mississauga so much!!  I can't wait for what's in store these next weeks!

‪Until next time...

‪Sister Robb

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