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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Savior is Born

Tanya is getting baptized this Sunday!!
Transfer news: I will be leaving Peterborough for my last couple of weeks and will be heading to Oshawa to be a Sister Training Leader with the two sisters there. Sister Mosquera will be staying here with another sister who will be training another new missionary, so a cute trio companionship like me! My prayers are answered and I know she will be taken care of J

Sister Mosquera and I had an incredible week here in Peterborough! We had skills and interviews on Tuesday and it was such a great experience sitting down with President and Sister Clayton and speaking with them. Their examples of truly being a disciple of Christ have always impacted me and they have taught me so many things! As you talk with them, you can feel the love that Heavenly Father has for you and how proud he is of you.

Sister Mosquera and I were able to help Sister Beasley with her basement! When we opened the door Sister Mosquera gasped and I couldn't help but laugh! Helping her to organize things and clear out her basement. It was priceless when she walked in and was just overwhelmed with gratitude. Being a single mom with three kids is her world--so to see her joy just filled me with so much happiness, because "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." (Mosiah 2:17)

On Thanksgiving Day, Sister Mosquera and I had the opportunity to go to the temple J It was AMAZING! President Clayton now gives new missionaries (that have been out for six weeks) a chance to go to the temple. It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful that there is a temple in our mission, and that we have the opportunity to go and receive revelation for the people we work with, our area, and even for ourselves.

One thing specifically that happened this week was finding Susan Annis. Here is what happened! Our ward mission leader gave us her address and said that he ran into her--that was about four weeks ago. We tried to see her a couple of times but no answer. Finally one night during planning I said, "Sister Mosquera, we should go by again to Sister Annis. I think around 8pm... I feel like we should." So, we put our faith forward and went to go see her and she was home! After miraculously getting into the apartment building, we knocked on her door and she answered! She invited us in and we began talking with her. She was baptized when she was really little and has lived a really hard life. Her father had her smoking and drinking at around 10 years old and one day the missionaries came by and taught them the gospel and they were baptized! Not too long after that she fell away and has been going to many different churches for the last 40 years. When we knocked on her door that night she said, "Did someone send you tonight too?" We asked her what she meant and she said, "Well... My brother who lives in Trenton called me today and told me that the elders felt like they should visit him too. Maybe it's not a coincidence!" She went on saying, "I'm so happy to see you sisters! There is something different about you…..you glow... as we have been talking, I now realize, sisters, I want to come back. I need to! Can I be re-baptized?" AH! She is just so sweet and is so special.

BUT... this is special. We saw her a second time at the end of the week and just after we had taken off our coats, she said, "Guess what Sisters! I quit smoking yesterday and drinking coffee!" She began to tell us that she smokes 2 1/2 packs a day and has about six cups of coffee normally, because that's how she was raised and it has been that way for 40 years. She said, "I woke up this morning and thought of you sisters and the gospel and I went to put a cigarette in my mouth and... I didn't. I put it down and promised Heavenly Father I won't smoke, so I have the patches and have only had one cup of coffee today. Not bad after 40 years of doing it..." We celebrated and it was just so special. She makes me happy J I thank Heavenly Father for the perfect timing that this is in Sister Annis life and that I had to opportunity to be a part of starting her new life. She is amazing, I just love her so much!

Everyone else is doing great and they are on the road back to Heavenly Father is many different
Rosita from Oshawa, I love this lady so much!!
ways. They are linking their arms with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk in sacrament meeting about our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so excited for the Christmas Initiative for "A Savior is Born". It is absolutely incredible!! As I was reading the scriptures the other night of Christ's birth, I was thinking that we know the story, but do people know WHY we needed a Savior. My heart was touched and enlightened on our desperate need for a Savior, who knows us and has been through everything we've been through. Our weaknesses turn into strength, our regrets turns into goals, and our misery turns into joy. This Christmas season... Discover YOUR why
J I know that as we discover this, our desire to share it with others will increase! When you have that desire, put your faith forward and share it!! Act on the promptings and feelings. I know that hearts are truly softened at this special time of year and that the Light of Christ glows and others will see it. A Savior was born and I am eternally grateful for Him in my life.

At this wonderful Thanksgiving time, I want to thank each of you for all you do. Thank you for your love of the Savior, for your dedication to His work and your commission, thank you for praying for all missionaries throughout the world, thank you for praying for those who do not yet have the restored gospel in their lives, thank you for choosing in the preexistence to come to this Earth and go throughout these experiences. Thank you. I love all of you so much and hope you feel of my gratitude and love toward you all! This Gospel is true. I know it to be! How grateful I am for the opportunities we’ve been given!

I would like you to know of the immense love and joy I feel for this work and for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He died for me, and I know that He died for you. But one greater than dying for you and I is rising for you and I. He lives today. I know it. I know that He and the Father have not ceased working miracles among our Father's children, for I know that He has called a prophet again in this last dispensation, the Prophet Joseph Smith, to prepare for the second coming of our Savior and Redeemer. How incredible that message is!! A prophet of God living upon the Earth! How INCREDIBLE! And to come to know for ourselves, all we need to do is read the evidence, the Book of Mormon, and pray and ask the all knowing, Almighty God if it is true. I know these things are true! I love the calling that we have to declare it, unceasingly, and joyfully with our brothers and sisters! How GREAT is our calling!!

Until next time...
Sister Robb

Side note:
-So many little rays of light! I talked to Rosita at the Oshawa Stake Conference a couple of weeks ago and it's been about a year since I've seen her! She is doing great and she is getting baptized this Sunday!
-The cute Hungarian girl Sunshine that walked into our English Second Language class when I was
Sunshine at her baptism!
in Mississauga was baptized a couple of days ago!
J I am just so happy!

-Karolina came and visited Peterborough and was at church yesterday! Best surprise ever!! She brought along Mike Cynarski.
Carolina came to hear me speak!

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Snow Is Here!!

Snow is here everyone!! J Even though we only got a couple of inches, it was amazing! Picture this... "Sister Mosquera... Guess what! It's snowing outside!" We both grabbed our coats and after I opened our door, her eyes got huge and her mouth just dropped. "Oh... Ah... It's beautiful!" Yes. Pure joy!  Something that just melted my heart was when we got in the car and started driving, she said, "AH... Look Sister! How do you say... Um... The snow lights..." She just had the biggest grin on her face and was just fascinated. "The snow is beautiful, Sister Mosquera, it truly does sparkle." It's been so much fun, I love her!

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day: the Montreal Quebec Temple rededication with a light, beautiful snowfall that day. What an incredible day to experience a temple rededication.  I learned so many beautiful things about our precious temples and experienced so much peace yesterday.  I am so grateful that temples are the house of the Lord and to be able to attend to find safety and peace in a world full of chaos and confusion. The more I understand the temple through prayer, study, and listening to our apostles speak, the more I feel of Heavenly Father's love for each of us and how beautiful the restored gospel is.

On Tuesday we had a mission tour and Elder Perkins visited us!  He is incredible!  I love how he said, "We need to replace the word 'meeting' with the word 'revelatory experience'..." and it's SO true! I came with three questions and each of them was answered.  The spirit was so strong and I know that the key to revelation is inspired questions--questions that we have that are from the soul.  When we go to meetings with questions, we allow the Holy Ghost to work in countless ways throughout the meeting and are more sensitive to the spirit. 

As Elder Perkins spoke, it was incredible to feel how simple and yet how precious the truths are.  We went over a step of stairs of "what has to happen to have 'exceedingly' great faith" for missionaries and investigators. With each step, you can see how the atonement applies to everything! To go from faithless and developing belief, turning it into action and witnessing and developing power that creates faith and patience J When we reach the highest, fear and doubt are put aside and we are focused on our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Now for some exciting news... Chris got her temple recommend!  Yippie!  We talked with her about the temple and she said she will go when she gets her family names done.  We are just so excited for her and through her progression, she is such an incredible example to me.  I love her faith and dedication to do the Lord's will. Her memory is coming back swiftly as she has been reading non-stop everyday the scriptures and the Ensign.  I sure love her J 

We had a great lesson with Kirk, but the next day he called us and said he doesn't want to meet anymore and that he was already baptized... Sigh.  It's okay though!  I know that our effort wasn't wasted.  There is a reason that we were meant to meet him and really help him get back on his feet and bring some peace, helping him to feel love in his life again.  I am just grateful for the spirit, and I know that we were there at the right place and the right time and helped saved his life, literally.  Before he hung up, he thanked us and said he wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for us, it gave me chills and I thank Heavenly Father for guiding us to Kirk that night. 

Other than that, Brother Pio is out of cigarettes now and is smoke free…for right now! He says he's a bit cranky, but it helps reading the Book of Mormon everyday.  He is doing great!! Shelley Sweet brought up something she has been thinking about... Her endowment!  After talking with her... She wants to go at the end of December! Yippie! We are so excited to help her feel prepared and really work with the ward in helping her. She is great!!  The work is moving in ways that Heavenly Father needs at this time. 

To end off, Elder Perkins said something that really hit me and that we can all ponder about.  "It was an infinite atonement, it was also an intimate atonement."  I love it! I love this work and have never been so happy!

Have an incredible Thanksgiving week! Ponder on all of the things you are grateful for and ACT as well, by expressing your thanks to people in person.  Hearts will be touched and the spirit will be felt.  Remember to also give thanks to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, who without, none of this would be possible!  I love you all. 

Until next time...

Sister Robb

Monday, November 16, 2015

Finding a Blessing

This week was very special--I feel like it was small and simple moments that made it really incredible!

First off... I just love the people in Peterborough.  Chris Seymour is a returning member that we are working with and after our lesson I asked her if she had received a patriarchal blessing.  She said, "I got one about 20 years ago maybe, but after my house got destroyed, it was lost."  I told her that we would go online and request it.  I was determined to get her patriarchal blessing for her to have and be able to read.

We typed in the information the best that she remembered, and I prayed and prayed that Salt Lake City would find it.  After a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation, I said, "Can we check online to see if they found your blessing Chris?" "Sure, I don't see why not..."  After looking on her tablet, I jumped off the couch and said, "AH! Chris! They found it! They found it!" I don't know if I scared the dog more or if I scared Chris because of my joy that erupted in her house, but here is the neat part! They still were able to find her blessing even though she was five years off of when she got it. I know that it was a miracle! 

She read it that night and came to us and said, "Sisters, I am so glad you weren't there when I read my blessing because I cried and cried (she is not one to show emotion to other people). Thank you so much for helping me get this! I now know what I need to do. I am going to pay my tithing as soon as I can this week and I am going to go to the temple. You sisters are right about everything and I now know what I need to do. I really believe that you are some of the people that are in my blessing that says 'certain people will be sent in your life to help you in times of distress' Thank you so much!" 

Wow.  I was blown away!  What an incredible small and simple moment it was and to feel her gratitude for having something so precious in her life again, to have personal revelation and appreciation for the restored gospel in her life and understanding her purpose as a daughter of God. J Oh, how I love her!

Okay! Here is something that I have learned from serving in Peterborough, as we work our hardest and our best, Heavenly Father will send us those who are prepared for the gospel. Literally, as missionaries, we receive media referrals through text and one popped up on our phone named 'Mike Stoney'. "Great….Sister Mosquera! We got a media referral! We'll call him tonight and see what he would like, because it doesn't say."  After calling him that night, it was incredible to feel how Heavenly Father works with his children.

Here is Mike's story: He is going through some health problems and he was talking to his friend in Idaho who a member. He said, "Mike, I would love to send some people your way to help you out. Could I send in your information?" "Sure, why not!" "Okay, I'll put your information in and they will be contacting you soon."  Sure enough, we called him!  He asked us how this works and asked us what we do and how we can help him.  He said, "could you come to my home next week?" "YES! We would love to!" So we are so excited to go this week and be able to teach him.  I was talking with our District Leader about this and he said, "Wow Sisters, you are literally getting texts from Heavenly Father!" It's so true! J What a small and simple miracle that we get here in Peterborough.

          The 'perfect' up north Canadian place we found
One of the media referrals that we got was up north.  So we got to drive up there and it is absolutely beautiful!!  We pulled over at one point and got out of the car and just stood there. It was completely SILENT!  We were in the middle of nowhere in nature. We took a moment to admire Heavenly Father's creation and continued onward to visit Maureen Taylor and her mom Lois. When we called before we went up, she said, "Oh! My daughter must have put my information online and knows that I need help with some things..." Maureen is injured with a spine injury and wears a boot and really can't move so her mother is taking care of her and can't lift heavy things either. So we got to move some firewood from one place to another for them.  It was really great to do some service and we got to share the restoration with them. If nothing else, I know that they will remember the service and the good feelings that they felt. 
The house out in the middle of no where that we
visited to do service

Tanya is doing great!  We have been able to go back over the lessons and now she wants to share the gospel with a lady that she works with. It's incredible, how when we understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our desire to share it with others will increase as well.

During our exchanges with Sister Yeap, I felt like we should visit this lady named Una Kirkpatrick. We stopped by since she didn't have a phone number and I have to say the timing was PERFECT!  We knocked on her door and she invited us to come in, wow!  We sat down and she began to tell us that yesterday she had 'I Love To See the Temple' stuck in her head and she couldn't concentrate on reading.  I know that she is prepared to have the gospel back in her life and I am so truly grateful that I listened to the spirit and stopped by to see her. I know that if it weren't for the spirit, this would not have happened. We are so excited to start working with her J

Lastly, our stake conference was this week! Sister Mosquera and I were able to go to Oshawa to attend and be able to support Pam Partridge (one of our ward missionaries) who was giving a talk.  She was baptized about a year and a half ago and is just a fireball in the gospel!!  I love her. We were able to go with Austin and Chris Seymour and also Sister Varcoe. While there, I was able to see members that I served with from Whitby, Oshawa and from the Ajax/Pickering ward.  It brought back so many memories and to have members give me hugs and talk with me. Rosita (the non-member lady that fed us all of the time in Ajax) was there!  My jaw about dropped! We talked for a bit and she touched my heart and told me how much she loved our visits.  Not only were the words just incredible, but, seeing all the people there, that I love so much, really left an impression.

I am so very grateful for those small and simple moments that are so impactful. Enjoy every small and simple moment everyday, our life here on earth is so precious!

Until next time...

Sister Robb