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Monday, July 27, 2015

Leaving Hamilton

What an incredible time it has been serving here in Hamilton Mountain. Last night we got transfer calls and I will now be heading to Mississauga with Sister Jensen! I am so excited to not only serve with her, but to take everything that I have learned and continue to add upon it. 

We stopped by the fire station and passed out mormon.org cards
I am sure going to miss Sister Coleman so much!  Words cannot put together everything of the past 12 weeks with her. Sister Clayton asked me, "What have you learned from Sister Coleman?"  After trying to put words together for a minute, I said: "I have learned about Sister Robb.  She has helped me in ways that I cannot describe. She has really helped me come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ... I am just so grateful for her and always will be.  I love her so much."  During our prayer last night after we got the call, we both teared up a bit.  I will forever love Sister Coleman!

We had such an incredible week and worked with so many less-actives!  First, let me tell you about Lester (about 50 years old). When we first called him, he said, "No it's okay sisters... I'm okay... [before he hangs up]... alright sisters, you can come see me, why not."  Last week was our third time seeing him!  He is just the nicest and friendliest man that loves people.  We soon found out that he hasn't been to church since he was 17 years old! But he is prepared to come back J I know it.  As we talked about the restoration a bit, we invited him to read more about it and he said, "Most likely not, maybe. Can't make any promises sisters."  We found out the next time we met with him, he read the entire thing and then bore his testimony to us and told us that he already knew all of this. Yes, we did end up giving him the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and he loved it as well. As Sister Coleman and I were planning on Saturday night, we said, "Let's give him a call and invite him to church!" So we called and he said, "Um... I don't think so sisters... Maybe. That's it!  I can't promise you anything."  The next day, after we performed a musical number to start off the meeting, Sister Coleman and I sat down and she leaned over to me and said, "Sister Robb! Lester is here!!" Sure enough. there sat Lester, three rows from the front, dressed in a suit and tie!  He loved sacrament meeting! After we sang, a man from the ward just sat down next to him and guess what! They began talking with each other after sacrament meeting and it was his scoutmaster. How neat is that! They caught up for a bit. What an incredible experience it was to be able to see a man who hasn't been to church in in over 30 years, feel the spirit at church and make the connections with those he grew up with.  As I sat there. I was filled with joy--a joy in knowing you've helped someone not only now, but for eternity.  I couldn't stop smiling J I love being a missionary!

Even better than a baptism... Kazherin Munoz (a recent convert) is finally going to the temple this Saturday! AH! I am so excited for her!  When I first came into Hamilton, we talked with her and she was not ready... After time and strengthening her testimony, she is ready.  That is one thing that I loved this transfer is helping three recent converts go to the temple for their first time.  I am so grateful to have that 'beginning with the end in mind' these past two transfers and help several less-actives and recent converts. 

Lastly, here is a funny story.  So there we were, at a recent converts home (Mary St. Onge), when her son Roni came walking out. Roni is in his early 30's and isn't baptized--he loves science and doesn't do too much with religion. When he walked out of his room and saw us, instead of listening to us, he went back in his room and came out with 'numb chucks' and chains with daggers on the end. He smiled and said, "Sisters, I have a challenge for you." He then explained if we can spin the numb chucks, he will read whatever we ask him to. So challenge on!  He showed us some really neat tricks and after showing us what we had to do, we gave it a try. So we would stand there with one numb chuck in one hand and spin it around the hand and catch the other end.  Sister Coleman and I passed his challenge.  We were both able to do it and committed him to read The Book of Mormon!  He accepted and said he would begin to read it!! That's HUGE!! So it was a safe and fun way to share the gospel J Who knew! 

Overall, I am so grateful I had the chance to be able to serve here in Hamilton. It is an incredible area with incredible members and people that have blessed my life so much. Hamilton Mountain will always be one of my homes in Canada.  I am so grateful for the two transfers which I was able to really come to know my testimony and my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know what Helaman said is true, that we need to "remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." I know the gospel is truly where we will have a firm foundation. As we link arms with Christ, we come to know this, that his atonement is the greatest act of love, that his grace is real, and that we are never alone. I know this to be true! I cannot wait to link arms with the Savior in Mississauga and be serving in a city J 

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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