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Monday, May 25, 2015

Miracles & Mishaps

This week has been full of miracles and mishaps. 

‪Here's the 'mishap' story:

There we were, Sister Daniels and I, while on exchanges I was driving her back to her area in Welland, driving down the 401 highway, and a car passed us and it sounded like he had a very loud muffler. As the car was driving farther and farther away, the sound didn't go away. I looked at Sister Daniels and said, "I don't think that was his muffler..." She looked at me and we both yelled "NOOO!" I quickly pulled off at the next exit, out in the middle of nowhere,  We had a flat tire! After much prayer, our tire got fixed!  We had to call roadside service and we got the tools to be able to fix the flat tire. Ryan (the man that fixed our car) was super nice, so that was a plus!  Overall, it was one of those experiences where we just had to laugh.

 Here are some miracles:

 Sister Coleman and I felt prompted to stop by a member’s house last week and talk to one of their neighbors.  Sister Coleman was talking to one neighbor and I was talking to the other. I began talking with this man named Darryl and he began asking me lots of questions.  He said, "I don't know why infants need to be baptized... It doesn't say it in the bible.  Why are they?" I began to tell him that infants don't need to be baptized and shared with him the Restoration.  As I was showing him the pamphlet, you could see that he was so focused on what this message was.  When I pulled out the Book of Mormon, he just thought it was the coolest thing in the world!  He hasn't been interested in religion since he quite going to church many years ago.  He knows that God answers prayers.  Many of his questions were answered, he said that this was 'different from the world' and that it 'felt right somehow'. He is so awesome! So on exchanges, Sister Daniels and I stopped by to see him and we shared with him and his wife (Brittany) the Restoration! She is more religious and sat there listening and soaking in everything we said. By the end, I bore my testimony of the things in which we had shared. Darryl said, "I can feel that you know these things to be true. I felt something while you were speaking." We told him he can know the truth of these things by praying and reading the Book of Mormon and they said they wanted to come to church. They are SO awesome and solid.  Here's the mishap: they are moving to Ottawa this week. "NOOO!"  The one place that is just outside of our mission!  They said they want to keep in contact with us and cannot wait to live a new life in Ottawa with their three kids. They said they will go to church on Sunday in Ottawa and that's what makes me so happy J I KNOW I was meant to meet them, It was a perfect time in their life for the gospel, to find the gospel right before they leave Hamilton and be able to hear of the gospel. We are helping them move this week and get to say goodbye to them. I will never forget them! 
Oh Happy Day!  Playing Lacrosse with a members son!!

‪Also on exchanges, Sister Daniels and I taught our investigators Ezra (who is Hindu) and Ricky (who grew up in Iran and was Muslim). We shared a brief message of what makes us happy and shared with them the Plan of Happiness with our life here on earth and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The kids and both of them loved the lesson! In the end, we taught Rick how to say a prayer and he said one! You could tell that it really came from his heart and it was so nice.  What a great experience!

‪We brought a less-active man in the ward who speaks Tagalog to Santi's lesson! It went SO good!  Santi brought up questions and Brother Dechoiso was able to be a translator for him.  In the end, I looked at Brother Dechoiso and asked him how he knows the Book of Mormon is true.  He then looked down, holding the Book of Mormon in his hands and bore the most powerful testimony of the truthfulness that he has felt and the countless experiences of the Holy Ghost revealing to him that it is true. He then said, "My dear friends, if you want to know for yourself you can like I have. Take it. Read it. Pray about it. It's the truth and link you're missing."  He then gave the Book of Mormon back to him.  What a powerful thing to witness.  I love this gospel and the members so much!

‪Sister Coleman and I said to each other after our studies this morning, 'this is going to be a good week, we can feel it'.  I am so excited to see the miracles that are going to come as I am putting some sacrifices on the alter to Heavenly Father, pouring my heart out in prayer and fast, and working with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. I know that when I forget myself and go to work, I will become a more consecrated missionary and person, and that's who I know Heavenly Father wants me to be.  My mission has been a very refining experience for me.  I cannot wait to find another Darryl and Brittney who are just hungry for the gospel. I know that there are some of Heavenly Father's children here, waiting.  As I look back to the beginning of my mission, I have grown in ways that are hard to explain.  I love all of the people I have met.  I want to help them have something in their life... And that's eternal happiness and salvation.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  J

‪Until next time...
‪Sister Robb

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