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Monday, May 11, 2015

An Eternal Perspective

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms in the world! Especially my mom... I love you! I am here in Hamilton Mountain and I love it! Spring is in the air along with the muggy humidity. It's so great! Sister Coleman and I came into this area together, and many miracles are going to happen. I can feel it! 

Sister Coleman and I were able to go to the temple last week for one of her recent converts that was going through the temple. It was such an incredible experience. Temples are truly the house of the Lord. I was able to find answers to questions and peace that is indescribable. "Beginning with the end in mind" is one of our mission motto’s and it’s so true. Everything that we do as missionaries leads towards the temple, It’s the eternal perspective that has truly opened my eyes and finding joy in the work. 

My new companion, Sister Coleman.  She is from
Bountiful, Utah...My mom was her Jr. High counselor!
I love my companion! Not only do we have fun, but we have seen countless blessings. While we were locking up our apartment to head out, we heard this breathing behind us... We were terrified and didn't want to turn around. We both turned around at the same time and found this cute, old Filipino man breathing as if he ran a marathon. His name is Santi and he just had heart surgery. We began to talk to him and he invited us over! We taught him the Restoration and he continued to say he wants to find the 'missing link' and said he will read the Book of Mormon. He is awesome! We will continue to pray and seek inspiration to have the spirit overcome the language barrier. We love Santi! 

We were able to start doing yard work with many people in the ward and I have to say, this ward is rock solid! Probably one of the neatest wards I have yet served in. As we worked together and did yard work for a lady in the ward, you could tell that each of them truly were disciples of Christ and cared about everyone they passed by or saw! It's hard to explain, it was as if I was in Utah for a minute and all of your neighbors get together and help out someone else in the ward. 

What wonderful sisters I get to work with!
We had MLC last week and all I have to say is, THE TIME IS NOW. That's all that was talked about! President Clayton is so inspired and I know that he is receiving guidance for the Canada Toronto Mission. Heavenly Father is telling the mission that the time is now. We now have everything we need and to go and DO! Many miracles will be wrought to pass and we will see many people enter the waters of baptism. I am so excited to see the mission soar! Something that came to my mind was, "We are the author of our own destiny." I love being a missionary here in Canada!  

We had a wonderful and very spiritual week! There were just so many instances we found ourselves where we just needed to be in order to learn a lesson that God needed us to learn. We've been learning so much in our studies, meetings, and conversations about God's Plan for us. My testimony has grown tremendously as I understand and have a greater reverence for the love my Father has for me and the trust He has placed in me as His missionary. So humbling, and I am so grateful. I love you all so much and hope you feel of my testimony as I know that our Savior Lives! This work is not just fun or a good experience or to prepare me for the future; this IS the work of Almighty God and it is to CHANGE the world! "Hastening the work has to do with the excitement we all feel about sharing the message of the gospel. It's a natural process that comes out of love." --Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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