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Monday, June 1, 2015

Everything Happens for a Reason

First things first, we got our car fixed! Yippie! In doing so, we met an awesome man named Tom. He has relatives that are 'Mormon' and really opened up to us and even shared a near death experience that he hasn't shared with anyone and asked us a couple of questions.  In the end we asked him if we
took a picture of all of the Hamilton Missionaries if he would put it on his 'picture hall of fame display' on the shop's wall... He said YES! He told us to stop by and visit him more often so we are really excited to be able to speak more often with him. Fun little story, without the flat tire, we wouldn't have met Tom. Everything happens for a reason, even Sister Robb getting a flat tire!

Last week, there was a man who accidentally called us (who was a former investigator in our phone) and we set a time to see him! We met with him, taught him two lessons and gave him a chapel tour. His name is Ricardo and he is doing really well. He is reading the Book of Mormon, is so faithful and said he wanted be baptized someday. Another mishap, turned into a miracle!

What I love about serving in the Toronto Mission is the diversity! Last week I had the opportunity to witness a baptism in French for a man in the ward that the elders had taught! It was soo spiritual. It's so incredible to meet so many of Heavenly Father's children that come from all corners of the world!

[X] Chinese Baptism
[X] French Baptism

I was able to go on exchanges this week! I had the opportunity to go to Oakville South with Sister Barton! When I got there she said, "We are going to be walking the entire exchange, I hope that's okay.” They had run out of their miles for the month and couldn’t drive anywhere. I knew that this 
was going to be an awesome exchange. The area was beautiful, there were boats everywhere and huge mansions. It was by far the nicest place that I have been to on my mission. We met so many awesome people for them to teach! Here is a funny story:

After walking for about 4 hours, we saw dark clouds coming our way and I said, "I believe a storm is coming!" Sure enough... 10 minutes later and it was a flash flood! We couldn't stop laughing and laughing, what else can you do when you are without transportation or an umbrella? We still had about another hour or two to walk to our apartment! As people drove past, we waved to them and we got some of the craziest looks. At one point when I turned around, a truck drove in a very large puddle and splashed a huge tidal wave on us. I turned around to Sister Barton and gave her the biggest smile--we couldn't stop laughing. Missions are the best! What 20 year old girl is happy walking in the pouring rain for 2 hours, sharing a beautiful message of the restored gospel! I LOVE being a missionary!

I learn SO MUCH from my personal studies!! Today I was reading the study materials in preparation for our MLC (missionary leadership meeting) this week! This month's training rotation is 'teach people, not lessons' theme from PMG, scriptures, talks, and so forth. A Jehovah's Witness asked me the other day what 'God's official name is' so I did some studies on that, I have been studying Christlike Attribute in PMG and really refining myself, I have learned how different people gain knowledge throughout the scriptures (for example, Nephi gained knowledge in
dreams! SO COOL!) I was drawn back to my patriarchal blessing and in it, it says that I have 'the spiritual gift of knowledge' (which we know can mean multiple things if we read in D&C and 1Cor. about spiritual gifts that we are given) I felt prompted to really find out what MY blessing of knowledge can do to help others that I come in contact with, how I can refine it, and use it as much as possible! So that's been cool!

Overall, our investigators are doing so good! We are always super busy and the ward is giving us referrals now and many miracles are happening. As I continue to pray to Heavenly Father and pour my heart out to him, blessings are literally pouring in.

I love my companion Sister Coleman!
This week is going to be crazy! We have a missionary leadership meeting, we are going to the temple with two recent converts to do baptisms for the dead (AH!). We have another exchange and will be working like crazy with the referrals in which we've gotten! I love it here so much! 

Until next time...

Enjoying a hike on P Day
Sister Robb

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