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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Testimony Is Most Precious

Yesterday was Victoria Day in Canada! There were a lot of fireworks and parties going on. It was so fun to try to talk to as many people as we could yesterday and hand out Book of Mormon's!  I wanted to share some fun things that happened this week:

We went to a member’s home for lunch and they said that we were going to have "mystery meat".  Sister Coleman leaned over to me and said, "God has mysteries... Meats should not have mysteries..." After we were almost done eating, the members told us it was CAMEL MEAT!  It wasn't bad at all. 

With the warmer weather and no air conditioning in our apartment, we have been fighting flies in our apartment like crazy.  We catch them with a plastic container and let them free outside off of our balcony.  The things we try to do to get our sleep……

Here are some exciting things that have been happening in our area!  Everything in our area is rising! 
-We got Kerry (our 'eternal' investigator of 3 years) a quit date for smoking which is huge! 
-Toni (our investigator) has a baptismal date and wants to be baptized, but is overcoming a huge hurdle of changing his work schedule with his boss to have Sundays off.
Exchanges with Sister Chelson, an amazing missionary!
-We are helping Kareem (recent convert) prepare for a patriarchal blessing, which is huge! He is just so nervous of even doing family history and we have helped him in finding comfort little by little in overcoming the anxiety that he has.
-We will be teaching Chrissy Pope's (recent convert) 14 year old daughter.
-We went on exchanges with the Oakville North sisters! Sister Chelson came here to Hamilton with me and we did some service for our investigator named Jo'Anne... let me tell you a neat story about her!

Jo'Anne: When Sister Coleman and I first came into Hamilton Mountain, we were going to visit a former investigator down the road and I decided to park down the road to walk there. On the way, we saw this lady gardening in her yard and we decided to talk to her. Jo'Anne was wearing a big, wooden cross around her neck and is a 'nature' woman. She is Christian and is a 'primary' worker in her congregation. I held a Book of Mormon in my hand and we began to explain to her about The Book of Mormon. She wasn't too interested... But I book marked the page where Christ visits the people in the Americas and gave it to her. A week later, Sister Coleman said, "We should visit Jo'Anne." Later that day we knocked on her door and asked her if she'd read any of the Book of Mormon and she said, "Well, yes I have! I read 3 Nephi 11 and found it so interesting... But I didn't know where Bountiful was and just decided to start reading from the beginning. I got to 1 Nephi 17..." After picking Sister Coleman's jaw off of the floor (haha) we went in and began to talk to her.  She loved how the Book of Mormon explained the Sermon on the Mount more clear to her. On exchanges, we went over and did service with her of painting canvas's for her 'primary' kids.  She asked us what holidays we celebrate and we told her about Easter and Christmas, I than began to tell her about a special event that occurs every six months, and that we get to hear from a modern day prophet.  We told her about general conference and tied it in with the restoration. She found that very interesting!  She is not ready for sit down lessons, but Sister Coleman and I really think that if we do service and short visits... She will let us know when she is ready to have formal lessons.  SHE IS AWESOME! Someday she will be baptized. We know it. J  It is the little seeds that every member has an opportunity to plant along the way!

This morning in my personal study, I read Acts 4 and it was so incredible how Peter and John refused to give up their testimony or hide it in any way.  I was simply thinking about how precious my testimony is to me, what I know to be true, and being a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ doesn't mean I push my religion on people, but I have the sacred opportunity to declare what I know to be true, without hesitation and invite all to find out for themselves. I would deeply recommend reading Acts chapter 4 and see what revelation you receive for your personal testimony or missionary work.

So having said that, I wanted to leave off with my testimony of The Book of Mormon.  My testimony is one of the most precious things to me because there is nothing that can bring down someone’s testimony.  Through my mission, I have grown closer and closer to The Book of Mormon. Even though I have never walked with Nephi and his family in the wilderness to the promised land, knelt with Enos in prayer, listened to King Benjamin give his speech, felt the nail prints in Christ's hands when he visited the Nephites in the Americas... I know that it's true and I cannot deny it.  I leave my testimony with theirs of the truthfulness in which they share: Jesus is the Christ, our Redeemer, and Savior. I am so grateful for the beautiful Restoration and evidence of it through this book in which I hold close to my heart. When I share it with those here in Canada, I can feel those people I read about in the Book of Mormon standing with me. Like Captain Moroni in declaring the 'Title of Liberty', Samuel the Lamanite on the wall, and many more spiritual giants in the Book of Mormon.  My testimony stands with them in declaring these things to all of God's children. The Book of Mormon is true! Joseph Smith was a prophet that translated these ancient plates through the power of God so we too, can draw closer to Jesus Christ.
The evidence of Christ's church is here and I love sharing that with every person I come in contact with on the street! I leave my testimony and know these things to be true. Amen.

Until next time...
Sister Robb
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