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Monday, February 2, 2015

Snowy, Snowy Canada!

We have more snow! A storm came in and dropped about 8 new inches and it still is snowing! Crazy, eh?   I love the snow but it makes it more difficult to go proselyting.  I am grateful for the beautiful earth and that is why I just have to work harder than ever to find that one person or family!

‪Not too much has been happening.  We are trying to continually find people to teach during this winter season.  Last week I prayerfully selected a crescent by an elementary school and we knocked on people's doors.  We got about 10 potential investigators!  They are great! We hope we can see them this week and be able to share a lesson or two with them.  Just find, find, find! J  

‪As we were going through some former investigators I stopped at one that said 'Lenny and Charmaine'... I told Sister Turley that I recognized those names and we should stop by!  Come to find out, it was a family who Sister Poettcker and I were trying to see when I first came to Ajax but they never answered the door.  Guess what…they answered the door!  We came back and taught them with a member in the ward and had such a powerful lesson.  We were just planning to teach Lenny but his twin 20 year old sons sat in on the lesson!  It was so good!  Lenny and Charmaine are Jamaicans! They said that they would all come to church next week so we are excited for that and pray they will follow through! 

‪Sister Turley and I went up to Uxbride last week (which is about 50 minutes north of Ajax, which is still in our area) to see a couple of people. The people that Sister Poettcker and I decorated the Christmas tree for (Lee and Greg).  It was really great!  We shared a brief lesson with her non-member husband about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and how the gospel can truly bless us individually and as a family.  He didn't say too much but I knew that the spirit was there and that Lee (the less-active member) was really thinking about what we were saying.  We hope we can go to Uxbridge about every other week to continue helping them and see what we can do!

Teaching Louis & Faye in their home
Yesterday at fast and testimony meeting, Louis got up and bore one of the sweetest testimonies.  He said that he loves the gospel.  He is getting his patriarchal blessing on February 10th and cannot wait to go through the temple and get sealed on March 5th.  He bore a strong testimony of how to never ever give up and how the gospel is truly such a blessing and it has changed his life. That was huge for him to do!  He said he had a "fire in his chest and just had to go up front to speak!" He also said the opening prayer in sacrament for the first time ever!  They are doing great and I am excited for them!

Saturday morning personal study was just SOOO good!  Let me just explain my thought process...I was reading in the book "Our Search For Happiness" by Elder Ballard, and in it he tells of his grandfather who, as he prayed fervently for guidance on his mission, was led into a room here the Savior sat.  He tells of the inexplicable joy that overcame him, and the unquenchable love and beauty that came from the Savior.  I began to think of that instance, and Joseph Smith who saw the Father and the Savior standing side by side, and other prophets who have literally seen and talked with the Savior and God face to face.  I imagined all of us in a room where our Father and Christ stood at the head, beckoning to all of us 'come'.  The only problem is, we're all blindfolded.  We can't literally see them. Some are chosen to be leaders and are granted the removal of their blindfold, while the rest of us continue to be aimless wanderers with no sight or direction.  It is through those who do see that Truths are restored and organization is made so that we may experience direction and purpose for ourselves.  The glorious formula is that we don't have to and shouldn't simply accept what those, who claim to be seers, say for Truth, but that we can and should ask the Source Himself, and he will let us know, through the power of the Holy Ghost.  We are all in His presence, we just don't see Him.  In order to feel Him we must humble ourselves and ask, and then listen.  If we ask and then plug our ears and make noise, He's not going to answer, well, He might, we just won't be listening or won’t be able to hear.  I can testify that He does answer. He did when I asked, because I listened, and will continue to do so.  I'm still walking blindly, by faith, but He directs me if I simply listen.  Sometimes we, both members and nonmembers alike, over-complicate life.  It's simple; ask, listen and follow. You must submit that you don't know everything, and you may need help.  Once you realize that, ask for the help, but from the right Source, our Father in Heaven. He knows what's best for you, even when you don't agree.  Submit to His will and follow through.  I can testify with all of the fervency of my soul, that Jesus is the Christ! That our Father Lives, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is, indeed, the Lord's Kingdom on the Earth again today, and found therein, are the necessary doctrines and principles that, if submitted to, will bring peace, joy, and happiness in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come. Thank heavens I have been blinded all this time that I may become humble and learn to see with my heart!

Heavenly Father loves each of us and that gives me great comfort and peace everyday that I live.  I know my purpose in life and am so grateful for the gospel in helping me receive this knowledge for myself.  I know who I am and I know who I can become because of the gospel.  I am so grateful for the tools in which we have to prepare ourselves spiritually and to become more like Christ everyday.  I am so truly grateful to be in Canada even in the snowy, cold weather!  There is no greater joy right now than to proclaim the gospel! J 

‪Until next time...
‪Sister Robb

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