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Monday, February 9, 2015

It Has Been An Exciting Week!

Walking up our stairs from the basement and
the snow reached my knees!
What a week and what an exciting next transfer this is going to be!  I am staying in Ajax to finish training Sister Turley.  We have so many good things happening that I am excited for what's in the future!

Louis and Faye are doing so good!  They are both super excited to be getting their patriarchal blessings on Tuesday.  We had a lesson with them last week which was truly inspired. Afterwards, Louis and Faye were so kind to thank me personally for sticking with them since November.  It was a really tender experience as they poured out their heart and bore testimony of how much they have grown in the gospel and what they know to be true.  It was a moment for me that I knew my Heavenly Father is pleased with me, a moment where I recognized his hand in my mission and this is what He wants me to do and I am so blessed to see the miracles that have come from it.  They are getting so excited to go to the temple in March to do baptisms, special ordinances, and be sealed for eternity J

Sister Turley and I have been in the steps of finding people to teach and I got an idea and prompting that we needed to select some members from the ward and talk to their neighbors.  As we knocked on doors, we introduced ourselves and asked if they needed help with anything or would like any service performed for them.  We then explained we are friends of their neighbors and asked if we could come back another time and share a brief lesson. We got a couple of appointments lined up from doing this! So that was something fun and new to try!

I convinced Sister Turley that we should ride the bus on Saturday during rush hour and try to talk to as many people as we could. The last ride back home, we met a man named Swaney who is Jamaican. He was just humming away all by himself in the back of the bus and Sister Turley was able to talk to him.  She forgot to grab his number but thankfully gave him a pass along card.  He called us 10 minutes after we had gotten off of the bus and gave us his number.  We then set up a time to meet him at the library and brought a member to come teaching with us.  It went really well and he even asked us in the end what he should specifically pray for before we even invited him to pray!  He is awesome.  We are excited to continue to teach him and will be seeing him tonight.  He said that the reason why he wants to meet with us is because he saw the light of Christ in us as we talked to people. That was soooo cool to hear!  He was touched and told us that people don't talk to each other anymore. What a great experience J

With Mavis at her baptism!  Such a spiritual day!
Yesterday, Mavis was baptized!!  She is Jamaican and one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met! I knew her from Whitby.  When I served in that area, her daughter was in the ward and was less-active and now is attending church. When we went over to share with her lessons, Mavis would always sit in.  THEN, while Sister Turley and I were going through our area book, we found a list of four names of potentials in Pickering, which was very odd.  We sent the information over to the Pickering Elders and guess what?!  Mavis was on that list!! I didn't know she lived in Pickering!!  She was taught for the last month and was baptized yesterdayJ  What a beautiful baptism it was... Mavis just looked up, closed her eyes and began to sob after she was baptized.  She then sang an old Jamaican song after she was baptized and almost brought the room into tears followed by her sweet testimony.  She said that she is so grateful for my missionary work and touching her heart while I was in Whitby.  While hearing our messages it stirred up the spirit and she was prepared for the Elders to teach her.  I was so grateful to be able to witness her baptism and see the happiness that has filled her life.  

I was also blessed to hear that Pamala (the lady I taught in London) was able to enter the waters of baptism yesterday.  I am blessed and so humbled for the experiences in which I have to see my brothers and sisters making that sacred covenant with our Heavenly Father.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!  I would love to be able to send you all a note, but time does not allow for that.  Your support, prayers, and love mean more to me than you know, so a simple thank you will have to suffice.   I KNOW that the same Gospel taught by prophets of old and our Savior, Jesus Christ, has been restored to the Earth today through a living prophet. God has worked in this way since the days of Adam, why would He change now?  I testify that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He has called another prophet to head His kingdom upon the Earth at this time and has restored the priesthood authority for His children to receive the necessary ordinances to bring to pass the salvation of His children.  
The gospel is true. "Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives: "I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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