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Monday, September 14, 2015

5 little words...Live the Doctrine of Christ!

Marhaba! (Hello in Arabic)

Fall is on the way and summer is quickly leaving! This week was full of smiles, laughs, and tender mercies of the Lord J

On Wednesday morning, we received a call just after we woke up at 6:30am from President Clayton! He told us that we will be in a trio with Sister Mencarelli for the day and drop her off at the airport later that night to go back home to Italy! We had such a great day as we worked together and taught some returning members and seeing those people she loved when she served here in Mississauga. Just as we dropped her off at her terminal... She turned around and began walking with her luggage. I looked at Sister Jensen and smiled and said, "Let's bring it home." She said alright, and we both put our arms up in the air and shouted, "Hurrah for Israel!!" Sister Mencarelli turned around and smiled with tears in her eyes.  She is absolutely incredible!  Her story of her conversion is incredible and is inspiring.  It was a great day to talk with her and to see her mission be wrapped up in an amazing way J I love her!

We taught Michael Macdonald again... He is AMAZING!! We asked him how his prayers are going and he told us some incredible answers that he has had to prayer since we last saw him!  His back pain went away after he prayed and Heavenly Father told him what to do, he made it to work after a random cab pulled up and took him to work, etc etc.  He reads the Book of Mormon at least 30 minutes every day! When we asked him about his experiences reading, he got so excited and told us why he loves the Book of Mormon and then asked us a couple of question he had and knew we could help him with. His prayer in the end was so sincere and was he was SO excited to go to Stake Conference that weekend. During Stake Conference, he took down some notes and loved every minute of it.  He is excited to talk to bishop on Sunday and set goals and make plans to go to the temple and receive the priesthood.  He is doing great!  He makes us happy.

We had a great ESL class on Saturday and we talked about "Likes and Dislikes". We thought it would be really cute to make little 'like' and 'dislike' signs for them to use in our activities. We got word  from our building manager that we might begin teaching class A (the highest class) and not class B anymore. We told our students that and they were a bit sad. We had a super fun activity and they loved class! In the end, I turned around with the chalk in my hand and said, "What is today's sentence that we can create as a class to present?"  Hatem (the Egyptian man) said, "I would like to have our teachers keep teaching us please".  My heart about melted!! I ran over and gave him a high five (that's what I love to do for the students that create a sentence) and I then asked the class, "Does everyone like that sentence?"  In return... They all held up their 'like' signs I made for them J AH! I LOVE THEM!! Our building manager loved the sentence they made and I believe I will get to keep teaching class B! 

This week we had stake conference where Elder Kunz (an Area Seventy) came and visited the Brampton Stake and spoke to us! The spirit was so strong there. It was an incredible experience as Elder Kunz gave everyone two minutes at the beginning of stake conference and asked to answer the following: (1) Who do you want to see baptized? (2) Who do you want to see reactivated? (3) What can I do to help people come closer to Jesus Christ? Before he got up again he said, "We all have questions, problems, or struggles that we each face right now in life.  At this time, please write down your question, problem, or struggle." He then promised us that it will be answered at stake conference! This stake conference, we talked about 'Rescuing'.  Elder Kunz told us 5 words that would change anything and everything in our lives for the better if we would apply them.  "Live the Doctrine of Christ".  That's it!  That is the key to happiness in this life and joy in the eternities. The doctrine of Christ can be broken down into 5 main points, and in order for us to apply these things, it is imperative that we understand them: 

1) Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement
2) Repentance
3) Baptism (by immersion) 
4) Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
5) Endure to the End (or in other words, Enjoy to the End!  Because living the doctrine of Christ will bring us more joy in the long run than anything else!

I would encourage everyone to take time to ponder and study on the meaning and importance of these things, for they are essential to our eternal welfare.

All in all... I learned that as we live the doctrine of Christ that is talked about in 2 Nephi 31, 3 Nephi 11, and 3 Nephi 27.  I know that as we live the teachings of the gospel, our lives are going to be blessed, we will see the purpose of life, our potential, and create not just good or better decisions, but the best!  We need to have the gospel in our lives, without it, there is no path and we would be lost.  Not only do we need to have it, but we need to see, understand, and WALK that path with the Savior by our side.  We will follow the example that Christ has set for us and we will all one day return to live back with our heavenly parents in our heavenly home J  It's up to us!

Lastly, we received three media referrals last week and we got to meet with each of them! We had been so busy with appointments that we had hardly had any time to go finding at all! Yesterday, the Lord blessed us with the most amazing media referral. A young man named Fadi had requested a Book of Mormon online and after conversing with him on the phone, we went to deliver it to him. He invited us in and we discovered he's friends with a girl serving in England from the Mississauga ward!  His father joined us and we taught them all about the Book of Mormon and how it supports the Bible. They loved it and are excited to learn more! Sam (the father) asked us how to join the church and told us they would try to come next Sunday. J As part of their culture, they brought us cake and water bottles to help us feel at home and even pulled out chairs for us to sit on while we put our shoes on to leave. They are from Egypt and eat up anything and everything about Christ.  They were such a blessing from Heavenly Father as we know He truly does prepare and lead his children to the truth.  Christian Egyptians are the best!  They were such amazing people and we are so looking forward to teaching them! J

Missionaries able to participate in the temple trip
I am so grateful to be serving here and love every second I have in doing so. The experiences I have had this week are so incredible. One thing I notice that I am developing is a gift of seeing others as their spirits.  I love recognizing the spirit and the promptings I receive as I am teaching people. Heavenly Father helps me see with eternal eyes for a short time to see what they need at this time specifically in their life. It is hard to explain through words... But I have really come to just love everyone soo much.  Seeing everyone as Heavenly Father sees them.  In doing so, I have come closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ as I teach our brothers and sisters about him and his restored gospel. 

I testify that the Lord guides His work and He is the one who hastens it--but I know it's up to us to keep pace J 

Until next time...

Sister Robb

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