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Monday, July 20, 2015

Exchanges, Exchanges!

What an incredible week of spiritual experiences!  I had the opportunity to go on three exchanges with the sisters! J

The first one was on Tuesday, with the St. Catherine sisters! I had the opportunity to go with Sister Bell, who has now been out for 5 weeks in the mission.  She is just the cutest girl!  Even though she is really quiet... she leads by example and you can see Christ in her countenance. One incredible experience we had was when we were teaching a man named Kiern, who believes that there is a higher power and wants to learn more about Jesus Christ.  He has had a really rough life growing up and said sure he would see the sisters while he was quickly passing by.  It was the sisters first time teaching him and it's so hard to describe his countenance change during the lesson. He was so intrigued when we began talking about President Monson and really just began to love what we were saying.  He wasn't making comments anymore and he began to ask questions.  Questions of the soul, it was so incredible!  As we were teaching him at the park, another man came up to us and asked if he could sit in.  Come to find out, he was taught years ago by missionaries and thought that they were crazy.  But that day, when he saw Sister Bell and I teaching Kiern, he said it touched his heart and knew he needed to sit in and listen again what we had to say.  Kiern and Barry both looked at each other at the end of the lesson and said, "Hey I don't know you, but how about we both go to church on Sunday and check it out."  It put the biggest smile on my face and I looked over and saw Sister Bell's jaw drop and couldn't help but chuckle. We saw so many little miracles throughout the day! We taught another one of their investigators and she prayed for the first time! So that was so fun J

Lastly, we visited this 91 year old lady who is a member and guess what happened….On the way out, I saw a book in a huge pile on her table and knew it was a Book of Mormon.  So I pulled it out and guess what! When I opened it on the inside I found a gem.  I found a black and white photo of a family named the Allred’s that live in Kaysville!  Can you believe that! Under their photo is their testimony with their name and address in Kaysville. She couldn't remember exactly who they were and we were wondering if that was one of the missionaries who baptized her! So that was SO special and she told me that I could take it.  It was incredible!!

We had our second exchange on Wednesday with the Welland sisters!  One of the sisters I came out with got in a car crash about 5 weeks ago and is still suffering from her concussion and has been in a lot of pain as she passed a kidney stone and two more on the way... the poor thing.  So Sister Coleman and I both went into their area to help them out.  Sister Coleman stayed with the sister and I went with Sister Robison to go out and get lots of things done!  I am so grateful for the power of prayer and to be able to feel of other missionaries spirits while I am out here. You wouldn't believe the power, spirit, and conviction that I felt as we went around and talked with everyone! It was incredible. I will never forget it. 

Our last exchange was on Friday (three exchanges back to back is so exhausting!)  We went with the Brantford sisters.  It was an exchange that was special.  It was a time that I  was able to look back since coming to Canada and see what has refined me, but also in becoming an instrument for Heavenly Father in this portion of his vineyard.  It was really neat to see as I was on exchanges with Sister Vance.  I am so incredibly grateful for my mission! I have come to know Heavenly Father in ways that cannot be described. I do know that he truly does hear and answer our prayers and I am grateful for His trust that he has in His missionaries to teach his gospel.  I am always striving to continually do my best and I know that he knows that.  We taught many great lessons that day and were able to help our ward mission leader with his yard as we talked about the ward. I love Hamilton!

Sister Coleman and I taught this less active man named Lester Mazey. He is so nice and is so neat!  He has a cat that doesn't have ears, wears round circle glasses, and was once a door to door mailman for 25 years. [Sad news... Today is the first day that Canada doesn't have door to door mail... Sad day in history]. He was raised in the gospel and knows it's true, but drifted away when he was about 17 when he ran into some anti information.  His questions were answered and he said he would read the pamphlet!  I am excited to help him grasp the gospel again in his life and help him to one day partake of the sacrament and renew his covenants each week!  He is awesome!

Some exciting news! While on exchanges a couple of weeks ago, I felt like we should stop by this 'unknown' member on the ward list and we met this family from Iran who moved in a couple years ago! Whenever we came over, we always talked to their teenage daughter (Mirna, 15 years old) who is just the sweetest girl. We finally met her mom Lamia and she just loved talking with us. We asked what we could do for her after we told her our purpose she said to help her four kids to go to church!  We are going to visit their family hopefully this Saturday and to teach them for the first time. The mom is super religious and is just the cutest J I am so excited! 

Overall, it was a very great and productive week! I wish I could write every spiritual experience that I have everyday and share them each week. I am just so grateful that I do know this: God truly is our loving Heavenly Father and that his Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior! I am grateful that our Heavenly Father does call prophets to lead and guide each of his children who live here on earth. I am so grateful to know that I have the opportunity to teach Christ's pure gospel and that I have been called by a prophet of God to share what I know, and I know that the messages we share are true! They really and truly are. The Book of Mormon has helped me know what I can do personally to come closer to Heavenly Father and become more Christ like in my life.  It's such a special gift to know that Christ did in deed visit the people who lived in the Americas and that we are so privileged to
have that record!  What a gift!  I do testify that Joseph Smith did, indeed, bring back everything to its fullness and complete restoration.  I just wish everyone knew this and felt the spirit like I get to do everyday.  They just don't know... I know that when I will try my best, Heavenly Father will know and understand. 

Transfer calls are on Sunday! I can't believe it already that time again.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  Love to all…….

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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