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Monday, March 9, 2015

One Day, One Person at a Time

This week has been a roller coaster experience!!  

With Louis & Faye at the Toronto Temple

First of all, Louis and Faye went to the temple! I am so grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to go and be there for them.  The Toronto Temple is beautiful! Sister Turley and I were able to be in the temple for a few hours before the session started (which was such an amazing experience). When we came down we saw Faye coming out of the dressing room--all dressed in white--having done her own initiatory. She immediately came up to me and gave me the biggest hug and began to cry. She kept on saying, "thank you, thank you".  Right then and there, I felt Heavenly Father was telling me "thank you" as well.  It was such an amazing experience, and feeling that I will never forget.

We had a challenge in our district to see how many driveways we could shovel?  Well, Sister Turley and I took on the challenge (we love these kinds of things...) and shoveled 11 driveways in one day!! Haha. Well... It was shoveling and ice picking the driveway more than anything. So that was fun!  My dad has taught me some good skills as far as shoveling goes!  Yes, we also won the challenge! J Yahoo!

Here is a funny experience: Sister Turley and I were tracting one day and it was sooo icy and windy. We were walking down the sidewalk after the first house and I about fell face-first but thankfully caught myself.  After a minute of just laughing, we then trekked onward. When we were on the opposite side of the street, I then hit another patch of ice and fell into the snow and then onto the ground and just sat there on the ground and laughed. I got up and right then Sister Turley slipped and fell... We couldn't stop laughing and laughing and laughing! Afterward, I looked at her and said, "We have to walk like penguins!" She then replied, "That's why penguins walk the way they do." Haha... Yes... We pretty much were in the arctic that day and now know why penguins walk the way they do. I sure love Canada J

P Day visiting some of the sites in our zone.  This is the
McLaughlin Parkwood estate Mansion - used in several movies
 Louis was called on yesterday in sacrament meeting and was able to bear his testimony.  He got up and began to tell of the blessing that he has received in his life and how temples truly are a piece of heaven on earth. The gospel has changed his life and now he knows who he is, what his purpose here on earth is, and what he needs to do to return to live with his Heavenly Father. He testified the love in which we feel as we draw closer to God. We are all children of God--He always has and will always love us--we just need to go to him and He will always show us. He ended off by saying that he couldn't wait to be sealed in October for all time and eternity to his wife Faye. What an incredible testimony!  It made me tear up just seeing someone, who I truly do care about, progress in Heavenly Father's kingdom. Even though we are one, we can make the biggest difference in someone's life. ONE DAY, ONE PERSON AT A TIME. I have such a strong testimony of this and can testify that we are all instruments and are here to help our brothers and sisters. They need us. I pray that you will continue to help our brothers and sisters, No matter where you are.  Pray for opportunities to help and teach others! If we go to Heavenly Father with a sincere heart to help... I know that He will help you as you help him J 

Until Next time......
Sister Robb

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