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Monday, April 27, 2015

Following the Spirit

Sister Tuney!! She feeds both the elders and sisters 
every week and feeds us waffles and ice cream 
for dessert. She is incredible!!
All is well here in Brantford! The weather is still a bit chilly and it snowed randomly at the beginning of the week!  I was able to go through the coldest February on record and now some snow in April.... I love Canada! J

I was able to go on two exchanges this week! 
The first one with Sister Dröge in Hamilton Mountain East.  Sister Dröge is from Germany and was baptized three years ago!  She is just so cute and amazing! They are sharing a car with the west elders right now, so for more than half of the day we rode the bus! J  It was such a good feeling to get back on the bus and just start talking to people. To make things fun, I challenged Sister Dröge to hand out Book of Mormons on the bus.  She loved the idea and had so much fun doing it!  We were able to find two new investigators that day for them! What a miracle day. When we were getting the car back from the elders, they asked me how to contact on the bus!  I told them, "Be yourself, Have fun, And just do it!"  I handed them two Book of Mormons and challenged them to give them out while on the bus.  I heard yesterday at church that they were able to find new investigators by doing that.  It's awesome!

One particular lady we found was a red head like me and I told Sister Dröge that we needed to talk to her. We started talking to this lady named Chris and I showed her the Book of Mormon in my hand and she said that she had that book! The first question she asked us was, "When does Christ visit the Americas again in the Book?" She is awesome!  The sisters will be teaching Chris next week. So cool.

With Sister Mamarova, Having so much FUN!
The second exchange was with Sister Mamarova in Simcoe.  Sister Mamarova is from Bulgaria and is a convert of 2 years now!  She was in my zone last transfer in Oshawa and has been out for 11 weeks now.  I just love her to death and she'll be my cute, little Bulgarian friend.  Even though all of their appointments fell through, we found so many people who are interested in the gospel!  Simcoe is a cute little town (it reminded me of Kaysville's downtown) out in the middle of nowhere. So, here is a hilarious story! 

We were coming out of the little town library after trying to meet with one of their investigators and walked to the car. When I got to the car, I stuck the keys in the door to open up the car (since Sister Mamarova can't drive I did).  I tried and tried and it wasn't opening!  I looked up and saw tinted windows and looked at Sister Mamarova over the car and said, "Um... Sister Mamarova, this isn't our car...!!"  We quickly shuffled away and found our car a couple parking slots away. We got in the car and couldn't stop laughing.  I felt bad that I accidentally tried opening another car and was just bright red in the face. It was hilarious J

Now to our area!  Here is a cool story of the week:
Yesterday, we still hadn't found at least two new investigators this week (which was odd) and needed to find people!  We prayed and prayed that we would find people who need the gospel. Miracles did happen!  We first ran into a lady whose name is Michelle.  I began to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it can truly help her with whatever she is struggling with and a tear rolled down her cheek. The spirit was so loving in that moment and testified to me that the Book of Mormon is truly a gift and I felt the spirit bear witness to me that everyone needs the Book of Mormon!

With my companion, Sister Mandla, at a Relief Society Dinner
Another... After we visited a less-active, we didn't know where we needed to go.  We stood there on the sidewalk and I asked Sister Mandla, "Where does Heavenly Father need us right now?" We just stood there and came to the decision that we had no idea so we asked Heavenly Father. We stood there on the sidewalk and I said a prayer to Heavenly Father to guide and lead us to someone who we need to see that needs the gospel at this time.  After I said the prayer, I looked up and saw a tree the next street over between two houses and said, "Let's go there." 

We knocked on the first door, but no one was home so we felt prompted to cross the street and knock at another house.  A man opened the door and said we could come in and talk to a group of people there. We talked to them and after 10 minutes, we decided that no one was interested at this time so we left. We felt like knocking on their next door neighbor house because the group of people mentioned a very religious man lived there.  When we walked up to the door and I knocked on it, there was a man that was just standing there behind the closed door. It scared me! He opened it and said, "You're Mormon girls, aren't cha?"  We said yes and then something unexpected happened, he began to weep at his doorstep.  He then told us that his wife had died and was buried just two days ago!  It was soo sad, I began to cry because he was crying.  He misses her so much and feels so wrenched in his heart because he believes that his wife is dead and gone in the ground. We talked to him and Sister Mandla sang Be Still My Soul... I was crying with him as she sang. The spirit was so strong and I got the biggest goose bumps.  His name is Rob and he said we come back so we are seeing him this week, we'll see what happens. 

What a beautiful miracle that was and when we got in the car, we said a prayer of thanks to Heavenly Father for leading us to Rob.  He really needs the gospel in his life right now.  I am truly, so grateful for Heavenly Father's guidance. It wasn't me, it was Him! 

I have learned this week that the Book of Mormon needs to be shared with so many more people in the world!  It touches so many lives.  I have been able to witness this here on my mission.  I am so grateful I had the experience of being lead to one of Heavenly Father's children that needs the gospel and a message of Hope.  I am eternally grateful for my mission.  THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!

Until next time...
 Sister Robb
The Inces called me 'Sister Awesome'
Making new friends at the care center while bowling  

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