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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Book of Mormon is a Gift

What a crazy week! I went on three exchanges last week with the sisters! 

(1) Welland: Sister Womack
Sister Womack came to Brantford and it was probably one of the weirdest exchanges! A man knocked on our apartment door early in the morning saying he was going to change our closet doors, the elevator door opening, and a person downtown asked me if I could contact the aliens in outer space to help him go to another universe... Yes, this really did happen!  Overall, I had such a great time!  We were able to meet so many people and talk with them in downtown Brantford.  There was a lady who stopped me and asked why I was so happy!  It was an awesome exchange and Sister Womack said, "Sister Robb... You better be my sister training leader next transfer!" Ha-ha she's hilarious, and that was such a great feeling. 

(2) London 2nd: Sister Watkins
YES. LONDON!  I went back to my first assignment on my mission! J It was just the best! Here is a funny story! We were walking down the street and I stopped a guy on the side of the road where he was talking to his teenage son.  I walked up to him and introduce myself and you could tell he did NOT want to talk to missionaries. So what did I do?  I commented on his Trojen's Football team hat.  He turned around and said, "You know the team?!" I said, "yes I am from the states and I really enjoy football."  He began to laugh and the conversation started.  He is an atheist and doesn't believe in God but says he only prays that his football team will win. We said a couple of other things and we all laughed.  I then was able to talk about the Plan of Salvation and prayer.  I asked if the sisters could come back next week, and guess what he said?  "Sure! Why not!  You girls are fun and happy!  Maybe I could learn more about God then."  He doesn't know that I won't be there but he said to come back!  Funny huh?  Funny how it all started with me commenting on his Trojen's football hat.  The other sister I was with said, "How did you know that?" I said, "My dad and I like football..." I then just smiled J 

We were also able to stop by some less-actives I used to teach (the Easton's) and Jenneth came out and gave me a giant hug!! She said, "Where did you go? We missed that you didn't come over anymore!!"  I then told her my area shut down and she said, "I am so glad I was able to see you one more time!"  Terry also had a big giant smile on his face.  So it was a really tender moment for me J I told them to do one thing for me and they said what, "Go to church! Your life will change!"  They said yes! They are awesome!

One of the things that really stood out to me on this exchange was how the recent converts and less-actives are struggling, they said that life is just coming down on them!  They need help!  It's when they are going after the light in their life, that Satan is trying his hardest to bring them down.  It was a day of motivating and uplifting those that are hanging down in sorrow.  I told Brother Romero (a recent convert that was baptized when I was in London), "Brother Romero, Say it with me, 'I'm amazing!'..." By the end, he was in tears and standing up from his chair shouting 'I'm amazing!'  It was seriously the best!  I loved the opportunity to come to London!!  It was an awesome day where more memories were made. J

 (3) London Spanish: Hermana Lopez
What a tender day! Hermana Lopez is a recent convert of 3 years and is awesome! She was struggling with things that I cannot talk about.  We had a really tender experience on this exchange.  I am so grateful for her!  She is a sister missionary that I will always hold close to my heart! We had an awesome exchange here in Brantford.  Many tears were shed and hugs were spread. 

From this experience, I continue to learn and am so grateful for the many opportunities to grow and be shaped to who my Heavenly Father wants me to become.  I have gained more respect for my calling as a sister training leader. The sisters need them!  There are so many things that are going on with these sisters and they need a friend J I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's guidance in what I need to say or do for these sisters. I love each of them so much!

Now for this week's experience:
Just yesterday, we felt like we should drop by an investigators who we haven't talked to in a while, unfortunately she wasn't home.  It was 8 o'clock at night.  We felt prompted to knock on some doors. We went around the side of the home to the other door downstairs and knocked on the door and met a mom named Danielle. We talked to her for a while and she is awesome! We are going to see her this week and teach her.  After 8 more doors, we found a lady named Debbie!  She saw the sisters years ago and guess what?  We were able to make an appointment and are seeing her this week as well!

I have such a strong testimony of being guided to where we need to be. Yes, our investigator wasn't home but there were people in the area we needed to see!  As we went out of our way and had the faith to find, we saw miracles happen! 2 new investigators.

This week I am so grateful for The Book of Mormon. As I have been thinking about it, the Book of Mormon is a precious gift given to us from our Heavenly Father.  Think about a time when you have received a gift from someone that meant a lot to you, It was full of love! That's what The Book of Mormon is! An expression of our Heavenly Father's love.  It is more than just a book, it is a precious gift!  Think about it, as you read The Book of Mormon, Heavenly Father is trying to tell you something!  It is full of writings from prophets and there is always something you need to hear.  I am so grateful for The Book of Mormon, It truly is Another Testament of Jesus Christ and it is proof of the beautiful Restoration.  I hold this gift near and dear to my heart.  I say, "For little or none, it is for everyone!"  I know that The Book of Mormon is true.  I have received countless answers and blessings as I read, pray, and ponder on the messages and feelings I have received. It testifies of the Savior! It brings peace! It is written just for YOU. Share and embrace this treasure daily J 

Until next time...
Sister Robb

*FUN FACT: Joseph Smith held a conference in Whitby where I used to serve! 

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