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Monday, December 29, 2014

Each One Bring One

Christmas came and went and a new year is right around the corner! All is well here in Canada and what a blessing it was to be here for Christmas!  It was such an amazing day, the spirit was so strong, and the spirit of Christ was everywhere. I will never forget it. 

There are SO many things to talk about!  First, transfer calls were last night and guess what! I AM TRAINING! J I am so excited to stay here in the Ajax area and to have the privilege of training a new missionary.  We are going to Brampton tonight and will stay there and then greet the new missionaries tomorrow and then I will head back to Ajax with my new companion!  I am so grateful for this opportunity!

On Christmas day we had several fun activities we were able to be a part of.   First, we were able to go to the stake president's home for a brunch and after we acted out the Christmas story from Matthew.  (Being in a trio gave us the chance to be the 3 wise-women!) It was so much fun and I hope to do that someday in the future with my family! Afterwards, we were able to go and visit a family where their daughter just got home from the Provo, Utah mission. It was so fun to talk with her and celebrate the Christmas season with her family for a bit. I am so grateful that I had the chance to be able to see my family and talk to them.  It gives me so much comfort that my family is doing well while I am here in Canada serving the Lord.  I love you all! J We ended off the night having a dinner in Ajax with a family and then traveled to Oshawa to have dinner with one of Sister Warburton's families and their friends. It was great to talk with non-members on such a fun and spiritual day of Christmas.  The Italians loved us! I hope that all goes well in the future with the Oshawa sisters and them.  So overall, it was such a fun and memorable Christmas!

Second, I have some exciting news! We met with one of the most golden investigators that I have ever seen. His name is Benny Andersen! He is a 75ish old man who is Danish.  Here is his story.  He was taking the train in Denmark and met two sister missionaries on the train. They talked for a short time, he asked them for a Book of Mormon, and that was it.  He was so intrigued by the Book of Mormon that he wanted to know more about it!  So he went to the states and traveled the Mormon Trail! How cool is that?!  He was there for the summer and drove the whole thing!!  He finally ended up in Salt Lake City and loved it!!  He was pretty sad that he couldn't go in the temple, but we told him maybe someday J Since being back from his trip, he has been trying to read the Book of Mormon in Swedish (which is close to his native language, which is Danish) alongside with an English Book of Mormon, just to try and understand.  The night before our lesson, I had called him and told him that we don't have a hard copy of the Danish Book of Mormon in our apartment, but until we do, he can read it online in Danish. He was SO excited that he had even saved the Danish Book of Mormon to his desktop on his computer and had been reading it since.  In the past he got to 1 Nephi 17 all by himself in another language.  Our first lesson with him of the Restoration was amazing! He said that he belongs to the Lutheran Church and will keep studying but we will see if he changes. I knew that his countenance had already changed after the beginning of the lesson.  He is amazing, and had so many great questions! Oh, and on the way out he said, "I know that you don't drink coffee or tea or anything but can I get you ladies something to drink? What do you drink?" Hahaha... He is pretty much the greatest old man ever!! I am SO EXCITED for him!!

"The Trio" Sister Poettcker from Canada, Myself and
Sister Warburton from Utah
Lastly, we were able to teach Louis and Faye!! We went over to their apartment and we taught them a lesson about the temple.  It was so spiritual. After the first minute of talking about temples, they were already crying.  I feel that we didn't even do much to teach them, but that they taught themselves.  The spirit confirmed to them the truthfulness and beauty of the temple. We were able to set a temple date with them for January 24th! J Louis was able to renew his temple recommend yesterday and we will be re-teaching the lesson's to Faye before she gets her temple recommend.  I am so excited for these two and love them so much! They are amazing! All they needed was just someone to be next to them, to guide them and love them.

I am truly so grateful that the Lord has given me a portion of his vineyard to work in. I am so excited for this new transfer with my new companion!  It is going to be great and we are going to see so many miracles happen... I can just feel it J

For this upcoming New Year, I was thinking of a challenge that everyone, my family at home and others that read this could do.  It is, EACH ONE BRING ONE.  I invite each of you to really think about something that can help you hasten the work of salvation. Whether it be bringing someone to church, bringing a name to the temple, introducing someone to the gospel, and to do it J Anything you can do to hasten the work of salvation!  I know that when you do this, you will find SO much joy that comes from doing so.  We each have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! That is the most powerful tool in conversion.  We, ourselves, are being converted everyday in the gospel if we continually do all that we can to nurture, grow, and strengthen our own testimony.  Going to church, reading our scriptures, attending the temple and praying daily.  So, why not share it with someone else or do it for loved ones that have passed? J  EACH ONE BRING ONE. You can do it!

Until next time...

Sister Robb

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