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Monday, November 2, 2015

Linking Arms

This week was a great week to really see how Heavenly Father influences other people in their life. 

ESL students Eghbal (left) Hatem (right)
Siser Mosquera's English is getting better! Slowly and surely. There was one time she said something to me in Spanish and looked at me in desperation.  I tried so hard to understand... With the spirit and guidance... We were able to be on the same page.  It takes a while, but we get there! She is now understanding her purpose as a missionary and is just growing!! It's hard to explain through words, but I am so grateful for this opportunity and privilege to be with her.  I just love her!

The Pio's are getting there! They really are going through so many things that are deeply rooted. We are excited to really work hand in hand with the ward here in Peterborough and help them in every way possible.  It really touched my heart as I poured out my heart to our ward mission leader and began to explain to him things they are going through, he looked at the other ward missionaries and said, "We need to do something for the Pio's now..." And they began to delegate assignments and are excited to create a plan with the ward council this Wednesday. What a blessing it is as a missionary to be so closely linked with the ward and be able to connect arm in arm.  I know that this is how missionary work should be!  Heavenly Father wants us all to work together arm in arm with each other to help everyone we can to come unto Christ.  Peterborough is a very special place.

When we went over to the Pio's house, we made a giant calendar for November! J  Dayton (9 year old recent convert) was just SO excited about this calendar!!  After our lesson, he grabbed two tacks and gave them to his dad to hang up above the couch. We had to go over the Plan of Salvation twice, and that's okay! It's really what they needed and they took so much from the lessons we were able to share and show them.  Brother Pio told us, "After these last cigarette packs, I won't buy anymore. I want to quit. I need to."  So he is doing well... They are going through so much right now.  So much prayer and fasting is needed, they are getting there!

We are excited for this week because we have some potential investigators that we met and have appointments with! J I'll have to tell you about them next week.

I had a really incredible experience this morning with Sister Mosquera for our companionship study. There is a reason why I am back to the Oshawa Stake and in Peterborough. I had many flashbacks from the four transfers I served in the Oshawa Stake--Whitby and Ajax. Next week is Stake Conference and I know that I will see several people that I had the chance of teaching that will be there.  I am back in the Oshawa Stake for a reason... And I know that because the spirit touched my heart so strong.  I was brought to tears and realized that those that I was so blessed to come in contact with while being here in Ontario is for a purpose.  I am truly so grateful for every single individual that has touched my life and heart while here.

November is the month of gratitude.  May we all have a grateful heart.
I will be forever grateful for……
This opportunity to serve the Lord!
The inspired leaders I’ve learned from
The atonement of our Savior and Redeemer
Becoming a missionary rather than just serving a mission
The Book of Mormon.  That book is incredible!

I need to be off, but I wish for all of you to feel how joyful I am in this work!!  It’s true, all of it!  I know our God is a living, loving Father in Heaven who, because He loves us, sent His Son, Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of the world so that we may, through living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, be able to return to His presence with our families, in peace and joy, for eternity!  I know that these things are true because I have read the evidence of this restored Gospel, the Book of Mormon, and I have prayed and asked my Father if it is true, and He has witnessed it to me by the power of the Holy Ghost.  This is true, I know it to be!  How grateful I am for this knowledge!  How great is our calling to share this restored gospel upon the Earth at this time!  Let us share it with all!! :)

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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