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Monday, November 16, 2015

Finding a Blessing

This week was very special--I feel like it was small and simple moments that made it really incredible!

First off... I just love the people in Peterborough.  Chris Seymour is a returning member that we are working with and after our lesson I asked her if she had received a patriarchal blessing.  She said, "I got one about 20 years ago maybe, but after my house got destroyed, it was lost."  I told her that we would go online and request it.  I was determined to get her patriarchal blessing for her to have and be able to read.

We typed in the information the best that she remembered, and I prayed and prayed that Salt Lake City would find it.  After a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation, I said, "Can we check online to see if they found your blessing Chris?" "Sure, I don't see why not..."  After looking on her tablet, I jumped off the couch and said, "AH! Chris! They found it! They found it!" I don't know if I scared the dog more or if I scared Chris because of my joy that erupted in her house, but here is the neat part! They still were able to find her blessing even though she was five years off of when she got it. I know that it was a miracle! 

She read it that night and came to us and said, "Sisters, I am so glad you weren't there when I read my blessing because I cried and cried (she is not one to show emotion to other people). Thank you so much for helping me get this! I now know what I need to do. I am going to pay my tithing as soon as I can this week and I am going to go to the temple. You sisters are right about everything and I now know what I need to do. I really believe that you are some of the people that are in my blessing that says 'certain people will be sent in your life to help you in times of distress' Thank you so much!" 

Wow.  I was blown away!  What an incredible small and simple moment it was and to feel her gratitude for having something so precious in her life again, to have personal revelation and appreciation for the restored gospel in her life and understanding her purpose as a daughter of God. J Oh, how I love her!

Okay! Here is something that I have learned from serving in Peterborough, as we work our hardest and our best, Heavenly Father will send us those who are prepared for the gospel. Literally, as missionaries, we receive media referrals through text and one popped up on our phone named 'Mike Stoney'. "Great….Sister Mosquera! We got a media referral! We'll call him tonight and see what he would like, because it doesn't say."  After calling him that night, it was incredible to feel how Heavenly Father works with his children.

Here is Mike's story: He is going through some health problems and he was talking to his friend in Idaho who a member. He said, "Mike, I would love to send some people your way to help you out. Could I send in your information?" "Sure, why not!" "Okay, I'll put your information in and they will be contacting you soon."  Sure enough, we called him!  He asked us how this works and asked us what we do and how we can help him.  He said, "could you come to my home next week?" "YES! We would love to!" So we are so excited to go this week and be able to teach him.  I was talking with our District Leader about this and he said, "Wow Sisters, you are literally getting texts from Heavenly Father!" It's so true! J What a small and simple miracle that we get here in Peterborough.

          The 'perfect' up north Canadian place we found
One of the media referrals that we got was up north.  So we got to drive up there and it is absolutely beautiful!!  We pulled over at one point and got out of the car and just stood there. It was completely SILENT!  We were in the middle of nowhere in nature. We took a moment to admire Heavenly Father's creation and continued onward to visit Maureen Taylor and her mom Lois. When we called before we went up, she said, "Oh! My daughter must have put my information online and knows that I need help with some things..." Maureen is injured with a spine injury and wears a boot and really can't move so her mother is taking care of her and can't lift heavy things either. So we got to move some firewood from one place to another for them.  It was really great to do some service and we got to share the restoration with them. If nothing else, I know that they will remember the service and the good feelings that they felt. 
The house out in the middle of no where that we
visited to do service

Tanya is doing great!  We have been able to go back over the lessons and now she wants to share the gospel with a lady that she works with. It's incredible, how when we understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our desire to share it with others will increase as well.

During our exchanges with Sister Yeap, I felt like we should visit this lady named Una Kirkpatrick. We stopped by since she didn't have a phone number and I have to say the timing was PERFECT!  We knocked on her door and she invited us to come in, wow!  We sat down and she began to tell us that yesterday she had 'I Love To See the Temple' stuck in her head and she couldn't concentrate on reading.  I know that she is prepared to have the gospel back in her life and I am so truly grateful that I listened to the spirit and stopped by to see her. I know that if it weren't for the spirit, this would not have happened. We are so excited to start working with her J

Lastly, our stake conference was this week! Sister Mosquera and I were able to go to Oshawa to attend and be able to support Pam Partridge (one of our ward missionaries) who was giving a talk.  She was baptized about a year and a half ago and is just a fireball in the gospel!!  I love her. We were able to go with Austin and Chris Seymour and also Sister Varcoe. While there, I was able to see members that I served with from Whitby, Oshawa and from the Ajax/Pickering ward.  It brought back so many memories and to have members give me hugs and talk with me. Rosita (the non-member lady that fed us all of the time in Ajax) was there!  My jaw about dropped! We talked for a bit and she touched my heart and told me how much she loved our visits.  Not only were the words just incredible, but, seeing all the people there, that I love so much, really left an impression.

I am so very grateful for those small and simple moments that are so impactful. Enjoy every small and simple moment everyday, our life here on earth is so precious!

Until next time...

Sister Robb

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