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Monday, January 12, 2015

Prayer is a Powerful Tool

Brrrrrrr…..I can say that I was a bit cooold last week!  It hit -22 degrees!  It was a nice sunny day, but it was cold.  When it snows here, we are at the freezing level and the weather feels so nice, but when it's windy and the temperature drops, it's too cold to snow.  Good thing I love bundling up, eh? J I love that no matter how cold it is, we are bringing the warmth of the gospel to people here in Canada!
This week has been great!  Update on Louis and Faye!  They are doing wonderful. We taught them the rest of the commandments and now Faye is trying to get off from working on Sundays from the hospital (which is hard) so I am praying that will happen.  It's really amazing to see someone's testimony grow and blossom in the gospel.  It truly does change their life. While praying at our last lesson, Faye after she said, "Dear Heavenly Father..." she began to cry.  It was such a sincere and heartfelt prayer and the spirit was so strong.  She prayed for the strength to keep going.  After the prayer she said she felt so loved.  What a blessing prayer is in our life. We can go to our Father in Heaven on our knees and ask him direct questions.  We gain peace, love, and so much more!  I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He loves us so much. He loves it when we talk to him and he loves hearing from us. Prayer is such a powerful tool that we can use to guide us through our journey here on earth.
Here is some exciting news!! We started teaching Dillon, a 10 year old in our ward whose mom is less-active. He is so smart and humble.  We were planning on teaching him the next lesson, the Plan of Salvation, but the spirit told me not to.  We asked him about the restoration and he knew everything!  I then asked if he had ever seen the movie about the restoration and he told us no. Thankfully I had put it in the car earlier that day, so we watched the Restoration movie!  The spirit was so strong!  Afterwards, we asked him how he felt and he said, "It was heartwarming." What 10 year old says that! J We then began to talk about the Holy Ghost and what its role is and how we receive it after baptism.  He then said that he wants to be baptized!!  AH! So we looked at his calendar with him and we talked about March 7th.  His mom is divorced so he switches from his mom's house (the lady in our ward) to his dad's every other week. So we will be teaching him whenever he is here!  The date may be pushed back, we never know... But that is a goal that he has and we are striving for it J
Lastly, here is more exciting news!  But first, here is the background.  There is a lady in the ward, Sister Brady, who was talking to her friend Rosita (who is a non-member) about the sister missionaries. Sister Brady told her that she should feed the sister missionaries sometime years ago and she has been feeding them each week for about two years now!  Rosita is in her 60’s, is from Ghana and is just the sweetest lady.  I have been able to go over for the past 7 weeks now and have gotten to know her.  Two weeks ago for Sister Turley's first lesson with Rosita, we taught the Restoration to her from the pamphlet.  We had exchanges this week and I was with Sister Warbarton (the sister trainer leader) and we taught the Plan of Salvation to her next.  Sister Brady just recently had a death in her family and Rosita was pretty close to him.  We really didn't know until we went to lunch and were teaching her the lesson.  It was a really tender experience.  In the end, I just bore my testimony and I knew that she felt the spirit.  I invited her to be baptized and she said that she wants to someday! She came to church yesterday for all three hours!!  I am so excited and love Rosita so much.  She calls me her daughter J  Who knows, maybe she has been waiting for me to teach her?  What a blessing it is to be a missionary!
Overall, it's been a great week!  The work of salvation in Ajax is starting to come forth J  The ward is progressing and all is well! Training has been going great and I continue to do my best. Sister Turley is doing great as well! I love her and have loved every minute being with her.
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life.  It is truly such a blessing and I love progressing each day.  The gospel brings me so much joy and I have never been happier in my life! J I am so grateful for the power of prayer and Heavenly Father answering my own prayers.  I invite each of you to kneel down and say a prayer to Heavenly Father. Ask him a specific question! If you don't have one in mind ask him how much he loves you. I can promise you that he will answer you!  Whether it be a prompting or a feeling... he always answers.  I am so grateful for prayer in my life.  Now, back to bundling up and inviting others to come unto Christ!
Until next time...

Sister Robb

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