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Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm Leaving London

First off transfer calls were last night.  BIG NEWS, I am getting transferred! I will be serving in the Whitby, Oshawa area. We were told that Sister Shurtliff and I will be shutting down our area and that there will only be one English sister companionship for the entire London area now. We were told this doesn't happen very much and we don't know why.  So today we will be moving everything out of our apartment, deep cleaning, packing ourselves, and getting everything moved to the sisters who will be in London! 

My new companion will be Sister Duran and I am SO excited!  I know Sister Duran because she is in my zone right now and used to be in my district at the very beginning of my mission.  I cannot wait for what awaits us in Oshawa! Whitby, look out here comes a happy Filipino and a fiery redhead to do the Lord's work! 

As I look back at these past two transfers in London, I have learned so much.  London has really taught me to never give up--it is a very difficult place and I have loved every minute of it. Sister Shurtliff taught me that "you know you're a good missionary when you don't need to have baptisms to keep going and working hard." Yes we didn't get any baptisms together, yes we only had two investigators come to church while we were here, but everything was worth it!  I know that I have done my very best. I know it and the Lord knows it. I have been so blessed to talk to so many people each day and to share them my testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know it's true with all of my heart. I am closer to my Savior, more than I have ever been before.  My love grows every day for him and will never stop.  London, has shaped me into a missionary who is dedicated, hard-working, never-stopping, happy-going, cheerful, sharing, and the spiritual-beacon that I need to be. What a blessing it has been for me--I love being a missionary!

Sister Shurtliff and I were blessed with so many opportunities to do service! We helped Sister Murray, in our ward who has fallen down recently and can't move around. We were able to clean up her apartment and do her dishes. She was so grateful that words couldn't express to us and after the spiritual message, all she could do was just hold our hands and say thank you. Sister Shurtliff and I also did service for our last time with Vida Cambell! We were able to do tons of yard work for her and she is just so thankful and loves us so much. She even told us that after our missions, we should go visit her in Jamaica to have a vacation and could stay at her house J Sister Shurtliff and I also helped with a move!  Marilyne (the lady who we painted her room pink) called us and we moved furniture so they could replace the carpet in her apartment.  Overall... each person was so grateful for our service but I was so grateful for the opportunity to serve, to be an instrument while serving others and to see the love Heavenly Father has for each of his children. 

General Conference was amazing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I KNOW this gospel is true!  God lives today and loves us and because He does, He has allowed us the blessing of having a prophet on the earth today, President Thomas S Monson!  The words spoken this weekend were not simply wise words to be contemplated, but direct revelations from God spoken by His chosen mouthpieces!  What they spoke were commandments from God on how we should live our lives here on Earth in preparation to living with Him someday!  I know that each conference is personal, inspired, and all revelatory. What a blessing it was!  Each of the questions I had written down were answered, He answers our needs every time.   One quote I loved from our beloved prophet was:

"As we strive to place Christ at the center of our lives by learning His words, by following His teachings and by walking in His path, He has promised to share with us the eternal life that He died to gain. There is no higher end than this, that we should choose to accept His discipline and become His disciples, and do His work throughout our lives. Nothing else, no other choice we make, can make of us what He can..."

I know that "the quest of a lifetime is to gain and strengthen our testimonies" and that if we do our part it will come. We are always moving--whether it is forward or backward--with our testimonies, relationship with our Savior, and with anything else in this life. So move forward!  Get in the habit of reading scriptures, praying both morning and night, and going to the temple as much as you can! I KNOW by doing this it will bless your life. We've heard in conference of things that we can improve on and to embrace it! We can do it! J  I love you all!

Until next time...
Sister Robb

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