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Mission Picture top blog

Monday, September 29, 2014

Anything Is Possible!

It was an amazing week! We saw so many miracles happen everyday.  I love sharing my experiences each week because it reminds me of how truly blessed I am to be a missionary and how much my Heavenly Father loves me. 

‪First off, Elder Cardon last week talked about praying with our investigators. We had a lesson with Pamela and felt that we should read from the Book of Mormon with her. She finally read out loud with us!  I was so happy to hear her read because she told us that when we first started teaching her that she will never read out loud or pray in front of us, but that has changed!  As we read from Enos with her, the spirit was so strong.  At the end of the lesson, Sister Shurtliff and I knelt and I told her that we would love to hear from her as she closes our lesson with a prayer.  I then just folded my arms and closed my eyes.....waiting and waiting.  Finally, Pamela began to pray! She said one of the simplest and loving prayers.  It was such an amazing lesson to me! I have learned that if I put my whole trust and faith in Heavenly Father... Anything is possible!

Putting on a big smile for the day!!
‪Friday was exchange day! I was with Sister Felix again but it was just the two of us this time and we stayed in London. Exchange days are days of miracles. We did service for Pamela by sanding her metal trailer so she can prime it before winter hits (which might be soon unfortunately). It was fun to be able to see how excited she got when we told her we would come back another time to help her finish up her trailer (which will be tonight). Sister Felix and I met some people and were able to set up appointments with them right then and there on the street! Overall, we had some great success and it was so fun to lead another missionary around London for a day.

‪I have to say that I have met some of the craziest people here in London! I have gained a "Love for London"!  I am so grateful that I am in a bus/walk area.  I have heard that bus contacting is one of the hardest things because you are surrounded by people and the atmosphere is quite different, it's hard to explain, but I LOVE bus contacting.  I split off from Sister Shurtliff and go sit in the back by some random stranger and start up a conversation!  It has been so fun and I look forward to getting on a bus whenever possible.  Let me tell you about a neat experience this week while bus contacting...

‪It was Friday night. We were heading home for the night and needed to take a bus. Right when I got onto the bus the spirit hit me like a brick wall.  I looked immediately of where I needed to sit and it was next to this man. I smiled, sat down next to him, and opened my mouth. His name is Charles.  He looked a bit intimidating with his hoodie and tattoos but that didn’t stop me. I asked him how his day has been going and he said, "alright" and looked out the window.  I began to ask him why it was just alright and he said, "I don't know, just a boring day, it seems like everyday is the same day and that something is missing."  I then lit up and said, "Well, Charles, I can promise you that I can make your day better and I am pretty sure I know what is missing.  My name is Sister Robb and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints..." We than began to talk. I pulled out a Book of Mormon and bore my testimony of the truthfulness, and that it was another Testament of Jesus Christ.  He shared with me his tender feelings for Jesus Christ. We had a really sweet, tender conversation. As I got up, Charles got up! We both got off of the bus and I then asked him, "Is it okay Charles if we say a prayer before we split off?" He said yes.! I then said a prayer on that corner street in the dark and afterwards he just sat there in silence and then asked if he could walk with us for a bit and we said yes. I then felt prompted to talk about baptism with him. "Charles, how would you feel if you could be completely clean again and have all of your feelings of guilt and shame washed away?" Silence. He then said, "I can't even imagine. That would be so... amazing. I can't even imagine." We then reached a corner of where we would be splitting and I turned to him and told him that he could be cleansed from all of his sins.  He would have a new start of a new life. That he would receive the Holy Ghost--which is a gift from our Heavenly Father--to constantly guide us everyday in our lives. Then... I invited him to baptism.  HE SAID YES! I wish I could put into complete words the feelings I felt and the experience.  [I will update more next week on what happens] Sister Shurtliff was a bit confused so I caught her up afterwards and told her more about Charles and our conversation. What a blessing it is to be an instrument to Heavenly Father and by helping him bring people unto Christ!  I am so grateful everyday to be a missionary!

‪I loved the Women's Broadcast that was on Saturday, it was amazing! I learned about being prepared for the temple, remembering the covenants that we have made to our Heavenly Father, more about temples, how we need to obey His law/commandments through obedience, and how we are SO loved by our Father in Heaven. I loved it when President Uchtdorf said, "Return to our Heavenly home with honor." So live the gospel joyfully and with determination!  If we keep the laws, commandments, and be joyful... We will find our real selves. I feel like I have found my real self here in Canada.

‪I invite each of you to really think and ponder of what questions you have in your life. I can promise that if you write down those questions before General Conference this weekend, they will be answered.  If you don't have any questions, pray that questions will come to your mind....they will!  I know that President Monson is the prophet on the earth today, acting and speaking as God’s mouthpiece!  I know that as a missionary, I am simply an instrument in the Hands of the Lord, not doing my work, but HIS work!

‪Fall is here and transfer calls are next Sunday! I have no idea what will happen... I'll tell you next week! I love you all so much and can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers and support!   Until next time.....

‪Sister Robb  J

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